Chinese classical style of pure wool carpets have a very high value for collection

Beijing Antique City in the Wu-Shinsaibashi outside, across the wide windows, so that people can feel the atmosphere inside the classical. Here in Europe in the eighteenth century landscape design for the main screen of pure wool carpets, a classical Chinese-style pure wool carpets. Antique-style pure wool carpets, in today’s modern home is not only a must-have fashion items, but also high value for collection.

Wang Wen called the master here, and she chatted to the arts, there are always a very happy feeling. She’s pencil sketch from Europe has been much talked about Europe in the eighteenth century carpets, Weiweidaolai, it appears that she is the love for the arts. Do not think she can only say that the people of East and West Europe, and sometimes art can be the same, if you have the opportunity to listen to her talk about Chinese classical things, then you will find here is a good place to talk about art.

Wu-Shinsaibashi sale of antique pure wool carpets, all British fan Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. brand products, “the British carpet fan.” British fan Beijing Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. China as a manual carpet production and sale of the company, after years of unremitting efforts, with elegant design, fine texture of the work, a soft natural color, products exported to Europe and the United States and other places. The company’s trademark, “the British carpet fan,” has been recognized as excellent symbol of the carpet.

Wu-Shinsaibashi, the main carpet fan of the British have such a number of varieties: Carpet Dyeing Plant: It has more than 100 kinds of patterns, all from Tibet, Ningxia, Baotou and Beijing’s old carpet pattern. Selection of materials used on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau巴颜喀拉山of high-quality wool, hand-election after Mao, scouring, spinning, dyeing plants by 100%, from hand-knotted. Each carpet by a “carpet-British fan” of the design division designed by the experience of the Weavers, used for generations been the traditional process of carefully woven into each square foot of carpet there are tens of thousands across the section. France palace wall: images from different periods of classical French palace wall. Each wall hanging from a pure wool woven into, with more than 120 kinds of different colors, from hand-woven from doing. Soft texture and rich tapestry gloss, clarity and delicate designs, the classical European tradition of handicrafts into the essence of modern interior decorating. France palace carpet: a wealth of excellent color and texture of the French palace One of the features of the carpet. They are the choice of pure New Zealand wool, hand-woven from. Patterns derived from the French palace Sawonarui carpets and rugs, are endowed with European royal style.

On the carpet, both the collection or use of home, have a ways to purchase, Wang Wen told us about the selection of pure wool carpet: carpet look at the main raw materials: high-quality pure wool carpets of raw materials in general is fine Wool from the textile, long hair and his uniform, soft feel, flexibility, no hard root; low-grade carpet raw materials are often mixed with moldy deterioration of the poor and Pro Mao-lun, such as polypropylene fiber, and its root hair short and uneven thickness, Groping hands when inelastic, hard-Kan. Second, look at technology: high-quality pure wool carpets of exquisite technique, blankets straight face, the lines have rules; low-grade carpet is rough work, missed lines and more open bottom.

Pure wool carpets, whether at home or use the collection, maintenance and repair work should be. Wu-Shinsaibashi printed a carpet dyeing plant and maintain the profile of the booklet for distribution among people. Booklet to explain in detail the maintenance of pure wool carpets, introduced a number of commonly used to remove stains on the carpet of small ways. Like how to remove juice, coffee, tea, red wine, cola, milk, ink stains, and so on.

Wu-Shinsaibashi the masters of the people really want to get thoughtful ah.