Chinese cotton growers have to call around the cotton growers association of co-operation at

The purchase price of seed cotton in September from Kai Cheng has been in the doldrums, to enter the country since mid-October low cotton price as a whole, a considerable number of cotton has fallen below 5.00 yuan / kg, and continue to trend lower. Recently, farmers have been calling all over the China Cotton Association Branch of the co-cotton, cotton asked the price in the hands of time unginned cotton to sell, talk, many farmers expressed their dissatisfaction with the current mood of the purchase price of cotton, cotton farmers in most of the decline in cotton prices is quite Complaints, many cotton farmers wait-and-see store.

So far this year, agricultural prices, high costs of cotton growers. Since October 2007, agricultural prices, especially fertilizer prices 60-80%. Cotton farmers in accordance with the recent cooperation from Chapter 14 provinces and cities in more than 2 survey data analysis: The only film, chemical fertilizer inputs on the average per mu over last year to spend 141.5 yuan. This year the growth of cotton in the early stage of the Yellow River and Yangtze River basin in most parts of rain on the high side, re-plant diseases and insect pests, weeds, cotton farmers in the anti-weed and pest management inputs such as higher than last year, Hebei, Shandong and other places with cotton this year to reflect Up to now spend on drugs last year to spend more than 40-50 yuan per mu. Increase labor costs are also high, and Zhong Mianhua work, which mainly relies on foreign workers support Xinjiang’s cotton production to a certain pressure, a large increase in cost. The cost of the whole year will reach 200 yuan / mu more than the rate of increase. At present, the average price of seed cotton by 5.00 yuan / kg basis, in order to enable farmers to maintain last year’s income, per-mu yield must increase 41%, and this may be little; On the contrary, due to climate reasons, the Yangtze River, Yellow River valley cotton this year Last year, lower than the general level of yields is a foregone conclusion.

High-cost, low-yield cotton price of cotton is bound to make greater expectations. According to the investigation branch of cooperation in cotton, 80% of the purchase price of seed cotton this year that cotton farmers in the 7.00 yuan / kg or more would be reasonable, according to the seed cotton per-mu yield of 400 jin calculated, the price of cotton farmers can barely catch up with revenue last year. The current cotton price of cotton bound to seriously dampen the enthusiasm of cotton.

Hejian City, Hebei Province, Guo Xin CGIAR will be in Tianjin, Shandong, Hebei, such as rent of land for planting cotton. As the climate in the region this year, often as little low, the output per unit area yield than last year, more than 15%, Hou Yong, vice president of the talking about the current cotton price in the face of frustration show, he confessed: “The cost to rent is now close to 500 yuan per mu on average, The means of production, labor costs increase greatly, at present, the cost of land more than 1300 yuan; this year is bad enough, the big pay. ” Even the scale of planting costs so much, a few acres and a cost, not to mention the only one to be a family, often non-labor costs. To really make money carefully Suanqi Lai few farmers.

Tianmen fishing town of Hubei Province Luo Ting pay farmers the village of Liu Bing-wide reflection of the local seed cotton price has been lowered to 5.10 yuan / kg, cotton production this year, he really can not accept this kind of cotton prices. Rent this year, he planted 200 acres of land, it seems that a lot of sacrificing. After looking, he has given us an account of pesticides 51-62 yuan / mu, fertilizers 282 yuan / mu, 43 yuan seeds / acre, plastic sheeting 39 yuan / mu, Jigeng costs 80 yuan / mu, picking 0.50 yuan / jin Lease costs 400 yuan / mu, is not labor costs have more than 1200 yuan. He bluntly told us that cotton can not really planted.

City, Shandong Province, Zhang Qiaoxiang Guanzhuang farmers Yue Ling Li Jing home this year, a kind of 7 acres of cotton, cotton growth than last year; difficult for him those days off because the price of cotton to 5.0-5.2 yuan / kg, in the face of such a low Price, he appears to be no alternative. Seed this year, he spent 50 yuan / mu, fertilizers more than 300 yuan / mu, the film 36 yuan / mu, pesticides close to 100 yuan / mu, Jigeng costs 60 yuan / mu, irrigation has spent more than 100 yuan / mu, So not only will Input is not artificial, he is no profit. He said that now can only wait and see again, if not raise the cotton price is not the Zhongmian Hua.

Jiuquan city of Gansu Province urn side of the town of Jinta County, Li Shizhong reflect the village farmers, local cotton this year out of the highest seed cotton prices have been 4.8 yuan / kg, over the past few days has been suspended for admission, given by the acquisition of the local hawker Price of less than 4.0 yuan / kg, cotton farmers are a lot of cry.

Xinjiang Shihezi City, S. Wang Shuzhi sub-contracting Mission in the town of 135 mu of 1000, an average of 260 kilograms per mu, which has local production in the not too low, according to the local average of 5.0 yuan / kg price of computing, how the balance is lost; because Agricultural and artificial inflation of too fast, only a Shihua, it is necessary to spend 1.4 yuan / kg.

Dali County in Shaanxi Province Xu Zhen Liu Liu mare only keep farmers on behalf of the villagers call the co-operation branch, asked in the future cotton price trend, the price of cotton has dropped to 5 yuan / kg. The minds of some of the farmers said: He believed that the country will certainly take the relevant policies and measures to improve the cotton price to protect the interests of cotton growers, cotton farmers may not suffer.

Tianjin Baodi District Fan Zhen Zhou Zhuang farmers Chun Tang said that the current cotton price has fallen below 5.00 yuan / kg, many local farmers next year is not a Zhongmian Hua.

Zaoqiang Xian Hebei Province town of Zao Jiang Shu-Hong Peng Chong door to speak directly: “such a low price of cotton also Zhongmian Hua how? We have been here many farmers out of cotton planted wheat firewood. Since the country introduced a number of policies to encourage farmers Grain, cotton farmers a one-on why so harsh? ” Zhongmian Hua is really treading on thin ice cotton growers, cotton farmers can not protect the interests of the.

Chinese cotton production should be adequate attention, otherwise it will seriously dampen the enthusiasm of farmers of cotton, cotton industries affected countries for the healthy and stable development of the main producing areas affected agricultural production and farmers income and stable development goals. We strongly urge: The Government should adopt effective policies and measures to support the production of cotton to ensure the protection of the interests of cotton growers, cotton farmers to achieve production increases.