Chinese cotton on the city unveiled a new varieties of fabric bags

With the improvement of people’s living conditions, the use of bags are becoming increasingly important to promote cloth bags of potential sales increasing temperature. China recently unveiled a cotton cloth on the City of New Varieties of fabric bags, “cotton yarn-dyed cloth bags,” by the welcome businessmen around, and its sales prospects.

It is understood that the use of new cotton, 16 +16 * 7 for raw materials, color weft is spinning, and Danhong color to the main organizations in the selection of plain weaving on the rapier, has been shrinking, from stereotypes, such as finishing. Oil for its width 152cm, weight of 320 (g/m2), the market is the wholesale price per meter of 15 yuan. This excellent quality of its products, soft feel, look, and so on the merits of the United States to win the favor of consumers. The fabric can be not only the production of casual bags, and also fashion table cloth on the table. Listed in the near future, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang and other goods to each other businessmen, is expected to bullish market outlook.