Chinese cotton textile industry before the economic benefits of four indicators 50

Main Xinye textile medium and high grade cotton textile production and marketing, the main products include yarn series products, greige fabric and yarn-dyed fabric series products. The last three years annual sales rate remained at 98.5% and 70% for high-end customers. Company to create a continuous 36 years of good profit performance, the main economic indicators for many years among the forefront of the same industry, for ten successive years Chinese cotton textile industry among the four economic indicators before the 50 “industry pacesetter enterprise.” In the same industry has maintained a leading position, with the development of a strong market advantage and competitive advantage.

Optimize product mix to enhance

More than 70% of the company’s key production facilities in the domestic counterparts in a leading position in raising funds with the progressive completion of technical projects, the company production line will continue to improve the technological level. Companies focus on technology research and development and projects to promote the transformation to optimize the product structure and operational upgrades, improve value-added products.

Company has built an annual output of 40,000 tons fully automated rotor spinning base, using the world’s most advanced models, the use of computer automatic control system for quality and process control, combined with blowing and be with the one-way process, so that the spinning process by traditional seven shortened to 3, the production efficiency of the traditional ring spinning many times 6. Automatic rotor spinning yield similar products accounted for 30 percent, the absolute leader in the domestic level. In addition, the company has invested more than 700 million yuan to upgrade technology and equipment of transformation, more than 70% of one of the key production equipment from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other countries to introduce, have been completed and an annual output of 40,000 tons of new high-speed full-automatic rotor spinning production base , the new yarn spinning equipment, the total output of more than 67%, the formation of “Spinning – Dyeing – Weaving – Finishing” complementary integrity, advanced industrial chain.

25 world textile industry’s most advanced technology, the company is the application of 22, will soon have an application, the utilization rate reached 95.7%.

The revitalization of the textile industry plans to add

The recent proposal of expanding the country’s top ten domestic policy, with one of a number of related Sannong. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting to consider and adjust the principle of the textile industry through the revitalization of planning, decided to textile and garment export tax rebate rate from 14% to 15%, this is the textile industry this year, a major positive.

From technical analysis, stock market drop with moderate volume, access to five strongly support moving average increased channel intact, short-term technical form strong upside trend is clearly, investors can focus on.