Chinese State Reserve to buy cotton stocks are still increasing

According to the China Cotton Company of the report, although the Chinese government continued to buy cotton reserves States, but because of sluggish demand for textile, cotton by the end of November inventory is still expanding. The closing by the end of November, total business inventories, including imports, but does not include the national reserve, about 3,500,000 tons, representing a 10% increase over the same period last year. Inventories to increase by the end of October than 700,000 tons.

Although the State Reserve to buy cotton, cotton stocks are still increasing, domestic demand remained weak in December to about 700,000 tons. China is the world’s largest cotton producing and consuming countries, it is said, China will acquire 2,720,000 tons of cotton to save the country, aimed at protecting the income of farmers, the global economic downturn has resulted in reduced demand for Chinese textiles.