Chinese textile industry has gradient transfer of state

From the most recent Chinese investment in the textile industry, central and western regions of significant investment, high growth rate, China’s textile industry has emerged from the Midwest to the southeast coast of the gradient transfer characteristics.

From the China National Textile Industry Council was informed that according to statistics, from September 2007 to August 2008, from the regional distribution, and cotton in central China’s textile and garment manufacturing fixed asset investment growth rate ranking first; Investment in the textile industry in the western region of the growth rate as high as 80 per cent of four. And the southeast coast of the cotton textile investment in fixed assets for the negative growth in textile and garment manufacturing sector growth rate was only 1.24 percent.

China Textile Industry Association, Du Yuzhou said that China’s textile industry as the traditional labor-intensive industries, is facing at present to absorb the results of the high-tech opportunities and constraints facing rising costs, multinational companies and industrial monopolies and the protection of new trade restrictions. But at the same time, China’s textile industry has started to cultivate their own brands, and industry are taking place in the industry-level step by step from the low-end to high-end development of the changes to speed up industrial upgrading into the stage.

Du stressed that China’s textile industry in the new period of growth First is the driving force for the growth of domestic demand. At present, there are still one-third of the textile industry enterprises in enhancing profitability, which represents the industry is the foundation and confidence.