Chinese textile industry in the development of market analysis

So far China has not yet formed from the design, production, sales in one of the effective model. Such as design, production, sales alone do not have a big problem, but the further development of the links will not be able to effectively run-in, there will be a great development. I will design, production, marketing, said three aspects of a simple click.

A design

China has not the authority of the home design firms and large-scale textile store (I mean the room in all things mobile) issued the guidance of the technical data. Designers to design products alone is no problem, no family together to do so, the lack of co-ordination would affect sales. Home sales, as Japan’s stores into a series of products are on display, such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bath room of the four are linked to the display. To the bedroom, living room-based, home to determine the main color. Home because of the large color decision to buy it or not, home has large color curtains, bedding, sofa, table cloth, as the rest of the match. Small color matching requirements can be allocated as long as the main color can be as long as the designer to the specific requirements of the product can be marketable.

Design Products

With the monochrome color can be allocated, with inter-color, color with the transition, with crossover, single-color fabrics with structure, color and material, and so on with. Design, with soft and hard. Kennedy and with the soft, with large and small, with high and low.

Europe and the United States re-color, crisp color Japan, China Pianan color in the Middle East.

1. To determine the primary colors, the proportion of the distribution of color, such as the main color, how many, what percentage of the remaining color, so that other items with each other.

2. Determine fabric

3. Determine the pattern

4. Determine the structure of the fabric

5. Determine the finished product processing technology

5:00 over each other to influence the final product results, but also a direct impact on sales.

Second, production

Chinese factories also do production design has also done sales, but they do not, because they were not professionals, but they can not be helped.

On the design, because no one gave him an effective market information, only the seat of your pants to do. The basic quality of products is nothing but the most critical of color are not allowed to have a lot of business. There are a lot of dyeing plant Yan into a problem, there are technology issues. The dye color is not correct, the reason is that most of the reddish pigment used in the. Japan’s pigments are Pianlan, out of pure color and light, the color is very cool, reddish color becomes the same as the old. Sales in the factory because of a lack of capital, market integration, a variety of talents, so that the plant has not be able to influence the market. The export of products to do business or customers samples or fair sampling, the samples do not know how available to customers, they have to actually produce products as long as the foreign department stores and supermarkets to look at, we know that a department store display The sample size in a good position but there is a small brochure that is the promotion of products, like a good location of the site must be large sales of major products in 2012 after the usual supermarkets have sold, the sale price could have malls like Products.

Home again for further development, it is necessary to have the ability to integrate the market, or the trade associations give effective guidance on the current situation to guide the production of marketable products factory to increase sales is more feasible, as long as the plant to provide effective market Information on it. Information gathering should not be a problem, the key to analysis is. Product sales of foreign sales more mature, developed countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States and other specialized division of labor relatively small, high-end products in Japan, such as department stores and membership stores, supermarkets in low, the product is on display as a result of a series into a kind of . General visitors to buy as long as a large color curtains, bedding, carpet, table cloth, this customer would not have to shop in other purchases, as to other stores not equipped with color. Japanese are sensitive to color, it can tell the difference, according to vendors and seasonal patterns can be effective to attract consumers to buy. General home has two seasons to replace the China market in the Middle East market and low levels of consumption, not consumption but can not afford not know how to consumption, such as Japan have each into a series of two to three sets of replacement, and that the market To be doubled, as a result of sales of products into a series of very great.