City dollar rose, cotton, profit-taking

U.S. unemployment rate rose to 7.2 percent, the stock market continued to decline. Saturday, cotton and grain strength in early trading, but eventually dropped cotton. City dollar rose, cotton, profit-taking, the market waiting for the U.S. Department of Agriculture released Monday production and supply and demand report. The grain market strength is due to the weather in South America drought, affecting food crop, but cotton will continue to trouble. Oil and metals are struggling in their efforts, the stock market in the fight against bad economic news, the decline in deeper.

Cotton market did not feel too long, but the COT report shows that non – commercial investors gradually return to the market, but only a small amount of disk space to expand. Now, the market waiting for the U.S. Department of Agriculture report Monday, but the market will continue to high cotton is expected to make some efforts, we see that the New York cotton and adjusted world cotton prices may encourage the spread between the growers from the loan scheme Cotton redemption.

Sideways market upward trend, a few weeks, demand has remained weak, the factory is taken to buy the current model, the market may be a big adjustment.

From a technical point of view, cotton began to decline slowly, but the average mobile lines has been a breakthrough, MACD has not been a breakthrough. Began to expand the volume of disk space, speculators joined the bull camp, therefore, the market will gather more energy uplink.

Cotton innovative high, today has been washed up on the highest point nine weeks. RSI at 59, rising energy certainly increase, we have entered into a more friendly and seasonal demand stage, but the stock market fluctuations, may have a weakness in commodity markets to external influences.