Coincided with the textile industry, “Heater” early “winter training”

Recently, Jiangsu Golden Feida clothing Chairman Wang Jin-harvest fly again and again is a pleasant surprise. As the number of small and medium-sized garment processing enterprises are in financial “cold” in trouble, some foreign customers turn to find the clothing business is located in Nantong, a substantial increase in the number of foreign orders.

Millions of dollars a year of research and development expenses fabric design, gave a lot of peer ridicule gold Feida “silly, do not know how to live.” “It now appears that this step is heading towards the right, through their own fabric design, to improve supply chain management, with autonomy.” Fei Wang Jin sighed.

Feida gold is not the size of the industry’s leading enterprises, but has maintained an annual average of 40% of the revenue growth. This year could break the success of difficulties, but that only proves that the textile industry to upgrade to get new life.

By the slowdown in international demand, the continued appreciation of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, an increase in the cost elements of a comprehensive, raising the threshold of processing trade, corporate finance, such as tightening environmental factors, China’s textile and garment export growth continued to slow down this year. January to August, China’s textile and apparel exports 119,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 9.2 percent, an increase over the same period last year dropped by 10 percentage points. At present, 90 per cent of China’s textile enterprises in export orders there have been more than 10% of the decline, some enterprises and even then no one can. The textile industry has entered a “winter”, a number of textile enterprises that the Government can look forward to a greater extent shot saved.

However, if the enterprise is always rely on the support of national policies and not to think of independent innovation and industrial restructuring, which will eventually be no way out. This “winter” really difficult, but part of the business, “Ao Buguo” The fundamental reason lies with the lack of core competitiveness, is still dependent on the “price of a small amount” of the extensive management mode. The lack of core competitiveness of enterprises can not resist the risk of fluctuations in the market, let alone have a market leadership and bargaining power. In fact, the “winter” the advent of increased business difficulties, but also for business transformation and upgrading to provide the driving force. Only textile enterprises to step up the “winter training”, and physical health, improve the ability to keep out the cold in order to survive “for the winter.”

In the past few decades consumption of food and clothing needs and the process of industrialization, so as to create a large number of our OEM processing-oriented clothing enterprises. They were part of the business in this round of cold weather following the inability to, but there are also a number of economic strength, industrial characteristics, resources and ability to integrate new business and industry gathering area, as “one step ahead” and “scenery here is Good. ” Whether it is as “miscellaneous textile yarn not experts” of Zhejiang Hua Fu, own-brand products, higher profit margins than the OEM three percent of the Shandong Ruyi, and other large enterprises, or as a year to reach nearly 100 kinds of design patents in Europe and America High-end markets, such as printing and dyeing village in Zhejiang Rainbow small and medium enterprises, are in the “winter training” shows great potential for development, peer-to prove the superiority of the transformation and upgrading and urgency. Those still in a wait-and-see in the enterprise, is not it should join as soon as possible “winter training” in the ranks, in exchange for new skills so bitter?

Policy in the near future, “Fan” is undoubtedly blow for the frequency of industrial upgrading and restructuring of enterprises to create a new favorable opportunity. Both the export tax rebate rate increase preferential loans to small and medium enterprises, or value-added tax transformation of these preferential policies will not only lighten the burden to ease the financial pressure can greatly reduce the costs of technological upgrading of enterprises. Training to rely on scientific and technological progress and contribution to the brand to achieve low input, low consumption and high value-added intensive growth model at the right moment.

Preferential policies only warm winter clothing, the textile industry over the winter, after all, have to rely on strength. A processing-based, designed to research and development as its core and marketing services for the protection of the coming era of brand management, adherence to the “winter training” of an earlier venture will usher in the warm spring.