Color yarn-dyed fibers to satisfy the business “interests of the 10”

Jiangsu environmental protection Xia off-color in the Color Spinning Co., Ltd. R & D and production of fiber in the field of “two major breakthrough” and the “five major contribution” to meet the yarn-dyed business, “the interests of the 10”, is described as a revolution in textile technology and environmental protection Innovation, and create a green textile industry, environmental protection and a new chapter. The companies do a good job in protection of intellectual property rights at the same time do a good job on the lower reaches of information communication technology services and do a good convergence, the integration of professional resources. They created color yarn technical service center will be a Q, the people, stand a good profit, in line with national policies and laws of human development, broad market prospects.

In recent years, Jiangsu environmental protection off-color-Xia spinning Co., Ltd. persisting in reform and innovation, relying on core technology, Color Fibers in research and development, production achieved in the field of “Heaven and Man,” “Three unlimited” two major breakthroughs in technological innovation. A few days ago, China National Textile and Apparel Council Du Yuzhou, president of the China Fashion Color Association executive vice president of Liang Yong, Anhui Textile Industry Association, Li Yan-ming, and so on the inspection tour, accompanied by the enterprises, and fully affirmed the two major technical innovation of China’s textiles Industrial upgrading the industry with the landmark.

Jiangsu environmental protection, according to Xia off-color textile Co., Ltd., Chairman Chen Jianzhong, Xia off the company’s development and environmental protection color fiber distribution service system around environmental protection, energy saving, fashion, the rapid response of the industry needs to build. The so-called “harmony between man and nature” refers to man-made fibers will be combined with natural fibers, fiber by primary colors, natural coloring is not natural and synthetic fiber blends, no pollution to meet a wide range of people of color fiber Demand, people returned to the green mountains and blue waters, clear water, blue sky, the realization of human and nature live in harmony. “Three unlimited” refers to the development of the production of red, yellow and blue RGB primary color-based fiber, color constituted in accordance with the principles of multi-color or monochrome through the natural and synthetic fibers different than out of the mixture, derived from Unlimited colors and materials to meet the people on a variety of color fiber.

Du Yuzhou, chairman of the recent study tour in Jiangsu Xia Co., Ltd. spun off-color green color spinning production base, fully affirmed the company’s bold exploration of innovative efforts of the achievements and pointed out that the Xia-off should also be concerned about the company’s innovative four – Aspects: First, we must further advance of the colored fibers in-depth research, development and utilization of a variety of raw materials and reduce dependence on oil. The second is to solve the color problem at the same time, we should also address the issue of performance and functionality, it is necessary for color fastness, its own fiber types, different colors, different ratio of fibers such issues as the impact of in-depth study, in which basic research And development and professional institutions can meet. Third, we should focus on the lower reaches of the open market in order to really do a good job market and forecast sales. The fourth is to use modern management style, production, research and development, sales, management integration process.

In order to achieve “harmony between man and nature” and “Three unlimited” The purpose of the Xia-off company has developed a scientific, practical, the system of color coding. The company is actively establishing color fiber color formulation and standardization of the file system, according to the color characteristics of the textile industry and market demand, the introduction of the domestic authority of the spinning color-color card with practical standard color system, so that the enterprise products with color code International textile and garment industries in many types of standard color code common. The company set up at home and abroad, including existing customers and potential customers information file, the standard color management platform and service platform in order to be able to meet the needs of different users to maximize the different colors and materials on the application individualized needs.

At the same time, Xia off through increased environmental protection of fiber and yarn color development, and implementation of the color matching system, focus on operations, rapid response and efficient logistics of the operation of the new business model to achieve a green environmental protection, energy saving emission reduction, to reduce costs and rich Fashion and industrial upgrading, “the five major contribution.”

In addition, the Xia-off company to meet the domestic textile enterprises in a variety of color needs related to the business of “the interests of the 10”, that is, reduced by industrial processes, which shortened the delivery time to meet the business-to-lower reaches of the rapid reaction Needs; control of the traditional dyeing and resolve the problem of poor-cylinder to ensure the consistency of color products, improved product quality; through the establishment of blended color standard system, a reduction of business-to-lower reaches of color into management issues; implementation of the one-stop “Five matching” services, a reduction of downstream businesses in the procurement of color, such as links to the kind of specific work to improve the efficiency of the downstream business; for the textile industry to address the source of the emissions of pollutants such issues as environmental protection products to meet the requirements; To avoid the bleaching as a result of consumption and the waste of energy such as electricity and water vapor; for the textile enterprises reduced working capital; for the textile industry to save at least 15% of the cost; increased textile enterprises in the international price competitiveness; so that the success of the textile enterprises across abroad Green and technical barriers.