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Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps revealed that 22 departments this year in Xinjiang cotton output was 1,300,000 tons, a slight increase over the previous year. Cotton in Xinjiang has been the main cash crops, the acreage accounts for about one-third of Xinjiang’s exports accounted for half of China. In recent years, Xinjiang Corps to adjust planting structure, reducing the sown area of cotton. Corps of the Bureau of Statistics figures show that as of October 10, this year’s Xinjiang 842.79 million mu of cotton acreage for a decrease of 8.4 percent.

Uzbekistan Ministry of Agriculture announced that the 2009 national cotton production will be reduced by 200,000 tons to 3,400,000 tons, because the Government will reduce the acreage of cotton, grain acreage to expand. 2009 cotton acreage will be reduced by 75,800 ha to 1,314,000 ha, and grain planting area will be expanded to 48,800 ha to 1,130,000 ha. To the rest of the free cultivation of vegetables, oil-bearing crops and other crops. The Ministry of Agriculture said that the shortage of water resources in recent years, cotton planting more and more difficult, the Government must ensure that people in Taiwan for the provision of adequate food supplies.

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Cotton futures Thursday by investors selling pressure and closed lower as a result of global economic recession fears increase, and analysts belief that instead of cotton rose to want a higher standard would be more difficult. Indicators in December cotton contract CTZ8 fell 1.34 cents to settle at 49.08 cents a pound, trading in the range of fluctuations in the range of 48.81-50.75 cents yesterday in a full range of 48.75-50.94 cents. March cotton fell 0.19 cents CTH9, closed at 53.32 cents. 1844GMT, 12 Cotton month reported that 13,622 of the total volume of the mouth. Keith Brown, president of commodity companies, said Keith Brown, cotton suppressed by a number of factors, including weakness in global stock markets, the U.S. cotton export sales hit an annual low sales and recession fears may add to the already difficult business environment. The U.S. Department of Agriculture export sales of the week show that export sales of upland cotton sales hit an annual low of 221,000 packets. Brown said that it was difficult to imagine if the world economy into a long recession, the number of cotton will be sold off further. Brokers Flanagan Trading that the December cotton futures contract in support 48.60 cents and 47.40 cents, resistance in the 50.50 and 49.95 cents. Exchange data showed Wednesday total volume of 13,885. As of October 22 the increase in open positions 896-170048.

0901 cotton contract low bounce shock, short-term there are signs of warming, but the technology-heavy resistance: speculation technical resistance at 12,500 yuan, 12,580 yuan in the vicinity, the trend of short-term technical resistance at 12,800 yuan and 13,000 yuan, the medium-term trend of technical resistance Place in the vicinity of 13,300 yuan. So cotton short period of time to reverse the rapid decline of the medium-term trend is unlikely, is expected to rebound to a more moderate concussion and repeated the main trend. Straddle the current technology in the watershed 12,500 yuan, is also popular in the watershed 12,250 yuan. 12,250 yuan on short days in order to maintain the range of thinking on the high side treatment, then returned to the disadvantaged below bearish market.