Comments this week, polyester filament prices

The raw materials prices fell sharply this week to make polyester filament prices continue to fall even more, and this week the manufacturers generally have lower prices, and it is all in a day to several hundred dollars to adjust the deceleration, so this week long polyester The average price of silk in the rate of thousand dollars or so, the market prices this week has shown is a mess. At the same time, the prices, not volume decrease instead of increase, this state a cause for concern.

Polyester filament in the industry are generally to the price of oil as a wind vane, this week, crude oil prices continue to drop, resulting in Polyester suffered a serious setback in the mentality of the market at the same time, PX, PTA and MEG prices of raw materials is also a substantial decline, the polyester Filament prices do not fall line. Also less than the lower reaches of the search for any support, end of the textile market is weak, we had been high hopes for the autumn of October, but this year is a month of panic, flat domestic sales of textiles, the export situation is still very poor has been affected by the Di Silk. At present, as a whole and as a result of polyester raw materials and polyester products market crash and the downstream textile manufacturers generally not dare to purchasing raw materials and textile manufacturers now no pressure on small stocks, also under the weight of money can not buy raw materials, more manufacturers Also entered a state of production. In the upper reaches of the raw materials market is expected to drop, the lower reaches of the textile market in the doldrums of the situation, polyester filament market outlook will continue Yindie situation, the overall market is still relatively pessimistic.