Commercial building know-how of the use of wool carpet

Wool carpets in all commercial buildings, but should be based on different places to choose the specific different types of wool carpets have been used to achieve the best results. According to the density of wool carpets, velvet head height, weight, etc. can be divided into three levels, namely, light-, medium-contained, heavy-duty type. In the same objective conditions, different grades of wool carpet has a different life. Business establishments in the selection of wool carpets may be based on the following important parameters for selection.

1. Flow of people, that is, the average daily number of people.

2. Carpet expectations of life.

3. Paved the carpet place special requirements. For example, electricity, insulation, interior staircase, and there is a chair pulley and so on.

4. Carpet on the design of preference. For example, pattern, color, structure and so on.

5.’s Budget to buy carpets.

It is worth noting that:

1. Entrance: to be installed at the entrance of the building clean doormat to prevent dust on shoes to the indoor carpet.

2. Counter: these people, prone to stain, not a carpet shop for good.

3. Carpet side: If the laying of a large area of carpet, carpet edges recommended to enhance the visual effects.

Wool carpet and interior design

Interior Design is the key to the color, design, organization and composition of the body as a balance to consider, and each factor should be interrelated, so as to achieve the overall co-ordination. Carpet, in particular, laid over carpet as an integral part of the fifth space plane “wall”, the entire interior of the integrity of the play can not be ignored. Wool carpet on the ground as a decorative material, color, and design aspects of a wide range of designers to provide a broad choice of space. As the pure white wool can be dyed any color, structure and organization can make use of Quanrong down and open with each other to form a wealth of changes in style, but also to adapt to a variety of designs and color changes in the design, wool carpet is The most decorative materials on the ground less than satisfactory choice.