Cotton boll disease prevention and control

Cotton boll disease is the source of the disease caused by a variety of complex diseases, usually rotten bell, both the impact of cotton production, and affects the quality of cotton. Lan Ling-induced loss accounts for more than 10% of the total output. Cotton boll common disease in our province have started the trouble of the disease, anthrax, red rot, disease red, black fruit and so on. 8 occur in mid to late wet years, especially in hot and humid Lianriyinyu case of severe disease when.

Ling Ling’s disease symptoms of the disease: the disease occur in the lower part of the Cotton Boll, from the base of Ling, Ling Ling sharp seam or part of the disease, the emergence of deep blue Shui Zizhuang lesion gradually to the full development of the bell, the color green to brown And finally become a black shine like irregular-shaped lesion, the edge of the color gradually shallow parts of morbidity and health boundaries of the site was not obvious. If the appropriate environmental conditions, the incidence of 3 to 5 days, the whole area into a bell shine green-brown or black, after the birth of a bell face cream sp-like thin, black cotton boll rot or become stiff valve. Late onset of the bell only black shell, the less impact on cotton. Anthrax: the early stage in the vicinity of a sharp bell dark red dots, gradually expand into a circular brown spot, the edge was purple, slightly protruding in the middle sag. Humid weather, have a lesion in the middle reddish-brown viscous material. When a serious disease bell to stop the growth or decay into a stiff valve. Light disease as early as the opening of a boll, for the brown cotton. Red rot: from the lesion multi-base Boll, Ling Ling or a sharp crack occurred, was in the early atrovirens Shui Jinzhuang later extended to the whole bell, causing black rot, on the surface of Health pink or pink-sp. Pink’s disease: its symptoms similar to the rot with red, red is a different disease sp layer thick, cashmere-like was loose, wet Mycophenolate layer change when a white powder; and red rot and the thin layer of sp close. Black fruit disease: Boll began to become victims of hazel, all weak-ling, the late Ling surface processes give birth to a small, white begun to developed black. Serious crimes against Boll, bell rigid shell, covered with a layer of black ash layer mycophenolate become soot-like black fruit, often do not fall off the branch on a rigid, black ash into the internal fiber sclerosis, can not crack.

Prevention rational methods of irrigation and drainage: avoid flood irrigation water to trickle to a good furrow irrigation. In a timely manner after the rain drainage, reduce humidity in the field. Fine pruning: Pruning in a timely manner, the old leaves to play, pulling air lines, to increase ventilation light cotton field conditions. The branches and leaves to lay a buried outside the field. Pick-ling disease collection: The incidence of Boll has received a timely pick. Boll incidence of age are more than 40 days, the internal fiber has grown into, if not picked, the disease continued to develop disease-ling on the rotten and spread rapidly, after picking can restore some production. Ling won the disease can use a 1% solution ethephon Baptist Chiu after drying. Chemical control: When the lower part of the cotton fields, some green bell, in a timely manner to spray mancozeb 80%, 58% Mn metalaxyl, metalaxyl, or thiram-one enemy, and so on to protect the pharmaceutical Boll. In the early incidence of spraying can control the progression of the disease. In the spraying when 27% of high-fat film can be formed boll coating on the surface, both to prevent invasive bacteria, anti-rain erosion, the protective effect of better.