Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) has been complaining about the textile factory

Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) is the Government’s cotton procurement agency, at present they have been complaining about the textile factories, textile enterprises that they create an artificial shortage of cotton supply. Textile factory accused said that the acquisition of institutions should not be hoarding a large number of cotton, cotton shortage caused by man-made phenomenon, but CCI said that they are the minimum support price (MSP) to buy cotton.

The company said: “Although we in the domestic market to buy cotton, but very few. Spinning factory solely on the basis of need to purchase cotton. Therefore, we acquired all of the cotton into the warehouse.” Textile industry does not seem to buy CCI said that the textile industry They sold cotton prices slightly lower than the minimum support price. They lock the price, and the textile mills that raise their prices. Therefore prefer to import cheaper textile imports of cotton, is also reluctant to buy the high-priced cotton CCI.

It is said that this year’s acquisition of government agencies has been a record number, they should be based on the textile industry to accept the sale of part of the price of cotton. 2008-09 So far, the company acquired about 400 million bales of cotton (per packet 170 kilograms), compared with last year’s acquisition of the number of 2,750,000 packets.