Cotton futures more than one increase the pressure on the back Jiancang

The nation’s determination to stabilize the market, and yesterday’s 1,500,000 tons of cotton on 2.6 yuan to achieve the minimum impact on Guapai Jia, 0905 futures appear to be technically short stop-loss set a few seconds to break box on the rock for more than 11,600 into the regional consolidation, followed by active buying Set a strong force to pull trading, short afraid to show weakness, strength in the short futures positions, Straddle divided;

At present, the U.S. cotton trade in the event of default, pre-disc special ordered, not to sell; (to wake up the company’s case) long and powerful policy-shun it, the chance of winning, short points to take back the possibility of large; Government Gradually achieve the goal to save the cotton market, and gradually transfer level down, water and fire and rescue the textile market;

Yesterday, domestic interest rates from 0.27 to 2.25, and lowered reserve 0.5; national security is determined to increase significantly; 80 to defend the dollar index plunged into war, crude oil callback, 0905, today is expected to open around 11,800 at present Zheng cotton rose into the channel, in the form 12000 A period of consolidation is expected to price in the range between 11600-12200 wide shocks, focus on gradually shifting; if the Shouchu effectively drive up seed cotton, then the theory about 12,000 sets of security will sell a view to gradually increase the cost shift;

Monday announced that the central bank again lowered deposit and loan interest rates 0.27%, 1-year lending rate down to 5.31 percent, to Sept. 16 within 100 days since the fifth rate cut than the previous total of 7.47% down 2.16 percent, to reach reduction 28.92%; at the same time lowered the reserve ratio from 0.5 to 14.50 percent. Government is fully committed to ensure economic growth and its obvious intent, so Monday the basis of commodity prices rose sharply across the board, cotton and Shouchu also cut the double up significantly under the good, but the fundamentals have not changed at the same time Monday because of strong cotton Zheng Rose sharply, leading to a view to expand the current price difference between the highest value since the end of May more than 800 million, selling a large number of preserving and increasing trade, the cotton price increase pressure on the back. Although the overall trends do not change up, but in the operation, as far as possible to avoid the risk of back sharply, and more recommendation to hold a single temper who sold 907 contracts to lock cotton profits, while a small amount of short-term unilateral short cotton, the target to 11,500 yuan / ton line , Concerned about the 12,000 yuan / ton of pressure on the bit.