Cotton industry really come to an end, there is no room for the development of it?

Corps in 2008 and even on Xinjiang’s cotton market was a severe test, the most intuitive feeling is high-yield cotton production is not a good harvest, many workers feel the unprofitable to produce much cotton.

Cotton industry really come to an end, there is no room for the development of it? We Corps cotton industry to high yield, good quality of raw cotton, has received good production efficiency, but the industry is too simple, too weak to withstand market risks too weak. Weakness in the cotton market in 2008 is not accidental phenomenon, specifically the “one single flower show,” is no longer suited to modern agricultural development.

Affected by the impact of traditional agriculture, we have the purpose of agricultural production is high-quality, high yield, but market demand research, production efficiency is estimated that the analysis not enough, there is no product diversification of cotton production, supply, sell one-stop industrial chain, resulting in ” a single flower show, “influenced by the market.

Far to say the least, saidthe cotton industry, from the 60s of last century to the present more than 40 years of cultivation history, from the dozens of kilograms of seed cotton yield to the currentkilograms, an increase of about 10 times. Many people on high-yield cotton cultivation techniques can speak, but deep processing of cotton, new product development, increase the added value of cotton and so on, can give some Daodao to few people. From here we can see, everyone in the cotton production to take the article, but other aspects of the research is very lacking. How to resolve this problem? The author may wish to cite a duck’s mode of operation of the examples:

Ducklings grow into a commodity ducks and their droppings can also fields, duck down is a very good clothes, bedding materials, the other part from head to toe, from the skin can be edible offal, including duck blood,and so on, there is no What a waste. Ducks practice in the catering system have sauce, barbecue, smoked, salt water and so on, from the geographical division of the Beijing roast duck, Nanjing, Sichuan smoked tea duck, etc., so a duck can be consistent with public tastes and ages, a waste of very few . Can we get some inspiration to the development of our cotton industry do?

Cotton’s main products, raw cotton is a very good textile materials, whether based on market supply and demand in the production of information? Its buyers, such as to select, purchase, it is better to take the initiative to go to the market, looking for orders, change from passive to active in order to improve resistance to market risk the ability to maximize the benefits for. According to consumer demand for purposeful production, cultivation of colored cotton, organic cotton, non-toxic cotton, the cotton stalk, cotton leaf Machinable feed into the development of aquaculture; cotton stalk can be processed into environmentally-friendly building materials, to increase the cotton industry, additional value; cottonseed oil, can also be made of cotton-jen high protein food, feed and so on. With the development of science and technology, at a deeper development of the cotton fields of industry, new products.

More than envisaged, is not a simple plans and arrangements will be able to realize the need for the entire region, including colleges, research institutes to work together towards this goal in order to expand the cotton industry, to do a good job, so fine.

I once read a story, a Japanese city more than 100 kinds of garbage classification Tatsu can recycling, garbage pollution will be reduced to a minimum. In their eyes there is no re-use of waste is not only unreasonable use. If we are able to do so meticulous cotton industry level, I believe Xinjiang Corps of cotton will be out of the current predicament, bigger and stronger cotton industry will realize the goal.