Cotton linter prices continue to slow sales

Recently, the cotton linter prices Dafeng, Jiangsu decline, but sales are very slow.

It is understood that on December 2, the local prices down for a 3900 yuan / ton, down 2 to 2800 yuan / ton, respectively, over the last week, down 500 yuan / ton and 300 yuan / ton. Year-on-year decline is unprecedented in history, which, together with the same period last year down the price of 7500 yuan / ton fall 3600 yuan / ton, down 48%; 2 down the price of the same period last year 7100 yuan / ton fall 4300 yuan / ton, down about 60%. But this year there has been no selling cotton linter, cotton and cotton linter before purchasing pre-paid deposit in advance to the small enterprises, the current price of cotton linter there is no city, the slow pace of sales, some companies appear backlog cotton linter . In addition, the Cotton Pulp market downturn. According to a person in charge at the rate of cotton, Cotton Pulp and the cotton market is very tight correlation market, according to the current situation, no signs of improvement before the end of the year.

In another development, on December 2, 3 or more local seed cotton purchase price to 2.45 yuan / jin, 3 to 2.40 yuan / jin around (more than 37% of lint, water Miscellaneous 12.5 percent in the following), and 1 flat; 3 Lint-level price for 10,700 yuan / tons, but less volume.