Cotton yield a significant reduction from three to 70

Into the late autumn, and picking cotton collection coming to an end, the production will be in 2007, following a record high of 7,600,000 tons after the second new high. Reporters learned from the China Cotton Association, according to the Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Hebei 6 main cotton producing province of the investigation, on November 3, picking cotton accounted for close 90% of the total. “Cotton can not be sold” and the “cotton plant can not be acquired”, the current cotton market has become a true reflection of that raise serious concerns.

6 At present, the main cotton producing province of seed cotton farmers to sell only 28.6 percent of the total, lower than the same period last year, the progress of 55% to 26 percentage points. Shangqiu in Henan Province, and Kaifeng, Zhoukou, such as focus areas, where farmers do not sell a pound, cotton, cotton traders are everywhere last year, Zoucunchuanhu acquisitions this year, a cotton dealers have not, there can not sell cotton situation .

Some of the cotton plant stopped after the first-in, many of the mainland factory did not even Kai Cheng. Asked the main reasons for futures and spot prices are falling all the way, afraid to plant cotton land. At the same time, because of the backlog of lint and cottonseed no one, resulting in difficulties in sales, funds were locked in, businesses had to stop the acquisition.

Cotton yield a significant reduction from three to 70

This year’s new cotton price was Gaokaidizou and force all the way down from September’s 2.8 to 2.9 yuan / jin, fell to mid-October at 2.4 to 2.5 yuan / jin, to the end of October, a number of seed cotton production for sale Price down to 2.0 to 2.2 yuan / jin, and production fell to 1.8 to 1.9 yuan / jin, a number of production value without any sign of the city and no city is priceless.

Such a low price of cotton farmers to make a substantial reduction in earnings from three to 70, with an average drop of about half of the net reduction of 380 mu to 425 yuan. Kai Cheng from October to the suspension of the former, seed cotton price of 2.47 yuan jin, as a result of the price decline of 20% reduction of 310 yuan / mu, accounting for a reduction of 70% to 80%; at the same time, in the first half of this year, agricultural prices lead to reduced Received 100 to 150 yuan / mu, accounting for a reduction of 20% to 30% of the total reduction of two 400 ~ 450 yuan / mu. As the new low cotton prices bottomed out when it is hard to predict if there is no support for the market, farmers will continue to reduce earnings.

In order to protect the cotton industry’s sustained and healthy economic development, protect the smooth sales of agricultural products, protect the interests of farmers, promoting agricultural income, it is imperative to restore market confidence, to revive confidence in the market, the Cotton Association called on the Government’s strong hand, to take a full range of the rescue package Measures.

Shouchu to expand, the number increased to 2,000,000 tons

The most urgent need is to the benefit of cotton reserves of the entire cotton and cotton Shouchu to an additional 2,000,000 tons. To increase the country’s cotton reserves to buy to start sales of lint, and then restart the stalled in the acquisition of seed cotton lint and processing, so that farmers clear signal that the country attached great importance cotton, cotton Shouchu to speed up the country, will continue to additional Shouchu close to reserves More than 2,000,000 tons.

By loans, lower interest rates to support the acquisition of companies. Lack of funds and stop the sale of troubled acquisition and processing enterprises. To get through sales of this section stems, first, the processing lint Shouchu, free up working capital to provide loans to lower the threshold to expand the scale of credit to support the acquisition of seed cotton. The second is to lower interest rates, reduce the burden on enterprises and reduce losses.

Shouchu increase in the minimum price of 1,000 yuan per ton

Shouchu appropriate to raise prices to minimize the “cheap cotton farmers hurt.” In additional Shouchu cotton, cotton farmers should be less let the greatest possible reduction in the proposed 328 Shouchu the lowest increase in the price of 1,000 yuan per ton from 12,600 yuan / ton to 13,600 yuan / ton. If the lowest seed cotton 328 catty 2.85 yuan, 37% of lint, cottonseed catty price of 0.75 yuan, 6.42 yuan lint catty; plus processing costs and profits catty 0.5 yuan, 6.92 yuan lint catty. Association for Research in cotton, cotton farmers generally can not be lower than the minimum price of 2.75 to 2.85 yuan / jin, which is lower than the price can not be accepted.

Cotton spinning industry, duty-bound to save the market. Active buying lint is to rescue the market, increasing inventory in the factory and storage to reduce the pressure on the stock Shouchu This is the top priority of textile enterprises.

The continued importance of cotton production. First, the implementation of the Generalized System of Preferences seed subsidies, the number of cotton varieties make up the number of species. Increase the intensity of subsidies, subsidies from 15 yuan / mu 30 to 50 yuan / mu. The second is the implementation of agricultural subsidies on cotton. Third, as grain, cotton introduction of the minimum price to avoid big ups and downs of prices, caused by fluctuations of cotton planting area.

In addition, the Association to remind cotton, cotton is flammable goods, the family kept to a separate storage of seed cotton. At the same time, seed cotton and to people, animals, poultry, livestock and separated to reduce the harmful debris in seed cotton mixed.