CSC9000T domestic textile industry’s first standardized management responsibility system

In recent years, with China’s textile industry of free competition, increasingly, as a labor-intensive industries, the relative prominence of social responsibility. Chinese textile industry issued by the China National Textile Association of Corporate Social Responsibility Management System (CSC9000T), is based on the relevant Chinese laws and regulations and relevant international conventions and international practices on the development, in line with China’s national conditions and social responsibility management system, CSC9000T is aimed at building more Good integration into the international industrial chain and supply chain, standardizing market order to adapt to economic globalization. CSC9000T is the industry’s first standardized management responsibility system at the end of last year was formally included in the Development and Reform Commission, the textile industry standards, Bai Yujia there has been large-scale textile enterprises to obtain certification.

Is of great significance to promote CSC9000T

1, from the perspective of social development, strengthen the building of corporate social responsibility is to implement the scientific development concept and building a harmonious society of the strategic thinking of concrete action. Corporate social responsibility reflects the building of social development, corporate social responsibility performance of a well-off society is necessary. According to an investigation, in the textile industry, many foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and employees have not signed labor contracts, employees in the face of such diseases, arrears of wages, dismissal and so on, need not find any evidence of complaints. For some enterprises to make orders, the work of more than 12 hours, serious violations of labor law; there are a number of private enterprises, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises employees social security pension insurance in particular, the proportion of generally low, the protection of women’s rights more Worse, once pregnant, forced to leave the business. Therefore, in the textile industry to fulfill their social responsibilities is of great realistic significance.

2, from the development of the industry’s point of view, corporate social responsibility to strengthen the building of China’s textile industry to speed up industrial upgrading, and to achieve sustainable and healthy development of the only road. The textile industry 30 years of reform and opening up has been rapid development. Now, the textile industry can not simply go on the road to the expansion of the volume, but up industrial upgrading, the path of sustainable development. At present. Part of some enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises with low levels of management, extensive management, environmental pollution, in violation of occupational health and safety, low efficiency, high energy materials, should be adjusted quickly to resolve. Adhere to the building of social responsibility, and will also enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese textile enterprises, to better integrate into the international industrial chain and supply chain in order to adapt to globalization. At the same time, should also be noted that corporate social responsibility is the business of maturity, is the requirement to develop advanced productive forces, advanced culture is a manifestation.

3, from the perspective of enterprise development, strengthening the building of corporate social responsibility is to enhance the core competitiveness of an important means. The competitiveness of enterprises, in the final analysis, the talent competition. Human resources are one of the company’s core resources. The establishment of corporate social responsibility management system will be better “people first” philosophy infiltrated every aspect of business management so as to enhance the corporate image and brand image, enhance cohesion in order to meet the healthy and sustained development requirements, treat employees and the establishment of a harmonious Labor relations and maintain a comfortable working environment, but also improve efficiency, stimulate innovation, so as to bring greater economic benefits is an important factor.

CSC9000T of the top five characteristics

First, the ground-breaking. In the past, we saw a lot of foreign corporate social responsibility code of conduct and certification standards, as well as our business in a passive state, foreign enterprises on the basis of their code of conduct inspection of the plant activities. Today, China’s textile industry has the social responsibility of self-management system, it should be said that this is ground-breaking significance of the milestone event.

Second, the authority. China’s textile industry corporate social responsibility to promote the development of the CSC9000T, is in charge of China Textile Industry Association, the professional associations to participate in, the unit’s participation, and the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the China Federation of Trade Unions, the Chinese finance and trade Tobacco textile trade union support and recognition, and therefore have greater authority.

The third is targeted. CSC9000T after an extensive investigation and research, fully taking into account China’s national conditions and characteristics of the actual situation, combined with modern advanced management mode, through efforts to implement, and can improve the overall management level.

Fourth, the legitimacy of. CSC9000T is based on the laws of China, at the same time drawing on international experience, a reference to the Chinese Government has been involved in the approval of the social responsibility of the international conventions and relevant state departments have been approved. As a result, the management system of legitimacy is beyond doubt.

The fifth is operational. CSC9000T on the scope of application of the laws and regulations in the light of international treaties and standards, definitions, general principles, management systems and so do the requirements and provisions of the specific statements. And set up a self-assessment form, in order to facilitate the implementation of the understanding of the business.

Pilot performance significantly

In the past two years, the pilot, a group of outstanding Chinese textile and garment companies to voluntarily participate in the construction of social responsibility, such as the Group of red beans, love, cattle and copper, Shandong Ruyi, the rising sun, and other groups, they have taken the significant Performance.

Beijing Copper is a good cattle CSC9000T implementation of the social responsibility of business management systems. Accompanied by a sense of corporate responsibility and the strengthening of copper cattle to create a better external environment for development, the achievement of corporate performance, social workers and business income growth of the harmonious development of a common situation. Copper now developed into a cattle brand Chinese brand-name, national-free products and Chinese well-known trademarks. Shandong Ruyi from 2006 in the implementation of corporate social responsibility in-house system certification, two years is quite a lot of harvest. Social responsibility in the construction, the company established a complete system for the protection of staff, and promoted the production enthusiasm of the workers so that the production of improved quality. Hong Kong enterprises from the Group of the rising sun “production can not be reduced to increase the income of employees, to reduce working hours, businesses should benefit” based on the four principles of corporate social responsibility building. To this end, the company invested funds to update equipment and improve the working environment, experts in Hong Kong to adjust the production process, the implementation of the new incentive program. The implementation of the new system, measured through follow-up, with healthy economic development.

CSC9000T how to implement

1, through CSC9000T Publicizing social responsibility management system, so that the majority of the staff aware of the textile industry in the promotion of Chinese textile CSC9000T that corporate social responsibility management system, the importance of truly full participation of the co-consciously assume the obligation to fulfill their social responsibilities.

2, to establish people-oriented social responsibility management system, that is, through the establishment of modern enterprise system and speeding up structural adjustment, increase the intensity of independent innovation, improve product competitiveness, improve the corporate image, and so on, to lay a solid basis for corporate social responsibility to effectively protect employees The legitimate interests of the employees continue to feel the improvement in the quality of life and encourage staff ownership, so that the work be worth living, reflect the value of life.

3, as a result of non-renewable energy, corporate social responsibility is reflected in increasing energy conservation and environmental protection. Through scientific means of management to achieve energy consumption, saving energy and reducing consumption in order to increase the efficient use of resources, and building a conservation-minded to achieve the overall objective of enterprises.

4, it is necessary to strengthen the internal audit and self-examination. In the process of implementation, enterprises will have to face the right resources, costs, labor costs, a reasonable increase in the cost of the environment around the system to study every aspect of the potential for the establishment of an effective system of internal self-examination and to promote the fine management, access to The sustainable development of eco-good mechanism to ensure long-term effective system to run.