Cutlass out of formwork Hotan carpet weaving

“No-woven carpets could not find the girl’s mother, not woven carpets daughter-in-law of the Buhao Zhao small group even more.” Wada in the region, a few known as “carpet town” reputation of the township have this.

Hotan carpets with more than 2,000 years of history, with Rice a silk Amat, and Tian, and so on and referred to as “Sambo Wada.” After 2000 years of development, Hotan carpets are still the age-old heritage of traditional hand-weaving techniques, but also retains the natural and modern management.

Urumchi Negotiation of the previous years, the Hotan area booths are ultimately the location of Hotan carpets, and Urumchi negotiation meeting this year, Hotan carpets are “failed to keep the appointment.”

In fact, more than 2,000 years of history in Hotan carpets reputation at home and abroad, known as the “Oriental carpet”, Hotan carpets also won the “Chinese wool carpet hand-city”. There are so famous, do not have to participate in Urumchi Negotiation publicity. Is understandable.

Today, the Hotan area counties and cities have more than 60,000 households in the hands of family farmers set up workshops, each of the township became a greater number of collective workshops, the factory eventually, the entire carpet industry in Hotan Prefecture of the annual income-generating more than 300,000,000 yuan. Hotan carpets not only the reputation of the venture, with a carpet of fire tourism, carpet making workshops gradually into the hands of more people of vision.

Oct. 19, reporters rushed to the Hotan and experience the “Oriental carpet,” the production process, and its unique charm.

The city workshop

“Oriental carpets” on behalf of the

In the 1970s, Hotan carpets in the national carpet industry alone, the export volume of carpet exports of the country at one time accounted for 85% of the total, domestic sales have accounted for carpet of the country’s total sales of 35%. Hotan carpets and limited liability company, which has a 58-year-old Hotan region’s largest carpet factory, witnessed all this.

Oct. 19, came to this reporter has become the city of Hotan carpets and the plant a tourist attraction. Presented to the regional government of Hong Kong and Macao, “Tian singing”, “Kanas Lake scenery,” Art tapestries, Beijing Great Hall of the People’s Huairen Hall here from all kinds of tapestry.

Because the rest over the weekend, only a carpet weaving workshop, there are 56 women in the overtime. Tall vertical woven blanket of formwork on the white cloth of good lines, such as double-screen scene, arm in the middle of the pattern painted with patterns.

Women sitting in the formwork before they head of the formwork, hung with red, yellow, green colored wool … … Mission, who picked up the exchange in the hands of different colors of yarn, skillfully wound to the white line With machetes in the hands of a draw, the yarn of different colors on white hanging on the line and then pressed the exclusive use of tools, picked up a long pair of scissors to shear wool and tidy … …

Follow the pattern of patterns, colors and weaving of wool to keep up, with a delicate pattern of the carpet little by little to show in front of us.

“This a carpet, two or three women’s organizations for more than a month in a row can be woven out.” Serve as the accompanying translation of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of Hotan Yisikeer staff said.

Hotan carpets manual is divided into two kinds of color and character. Hotan carpets of color is to use sheep wool dyeing in the traditional way, based on patterns from knitting, dyeing wool is not the traditional fade, but will also prevent moth-eaten; character of the use of Hotan carpets are wool own color of the carpet weaving different patterns.

In a frame next to the carpet, hung a cradle Uygur characteristics, the cradle of children’s sleep was going on, and the mother are skilled in weaving a carpet, and the other is slightly larger than the children to work in co-ordination to play .

The carpet weaving workshop of this kind of work atmosphere, Yisikeer said: “The carpet factory-woven carpets is to a lot of people together, is a larger family workshops in hand.” However, workshops and family hands, the design here Patterns into line technology, equipment and so on are all first class.

Cities and towns in the workshop

Knitting experience “exchange”

Oct. 21, reporters came to the village and township enterprises, said the Hotan County, the county has more than 17,000 households of farmers-woven carpets, rugs 6 Association, the carpet 159 enterprises, of which the town is Bagne its carpet business to focus more of the township.

In the town of Bagh market, the 40-year-old Abdul. According to some, such as wood grams of waiting reporters. His carpet factory in the town is the leader in the carpet business, there are nearly 200 workers a year to weave a range of more than 2000 square meters of affordable high-carpet.

Abdurixit. Grams of wood used to be in accordance with the rural cooperatives on the carpet workers, the cooperative was closed, he would do his own fund-raising is now a carpet factory, he will admit only the carpet weaving village, many villagers returned to the Church of the carpet weaving craft. In his words, he was only in the village to weave the carpet will provide a venue so that we exchange with the technology carpet weaving.

Abdurixit come. Grams of wood in accordance with the carpet factory, the number of women sitting in the carpet weaving workshop at the entrance of the joking aside, the side finishing wool. Workshop came the melodious folk music. Carpet shop is not only a dozen planes carpet weaving, more than two dozen young women sitting in the plane before the carpet weaving carpets.
“We are here to weave the carpet will be the minimum standard of girls, girls do not weave the carpet did not come matchmaker Yue Mei, of course, not the carpet weaving small group discussion also less than his wife.” Abdurixit. Ke said that according to Wood.

20-year-old Zi Nisha meat. Rozi in Abdurixit. Grams of wood in accordance with the carpet factory has been two years, with the side of the carpet weaving jokes and sisters. “We Shuiyuexiaoxiao together, when woven carpets do not think boring.” Zi Nisha meat. Rozi said she was reluctant to weave carpet at home, there is a reason for this is that in the carpet factory to learn more patterns.

Abdurixit. According to Ke-wood that is because of the recent agricultural season, male workers have to work the fields, the only women’s carpet factory. “Young people with carpet weaving, falling in love, is not to say that men and women together, do not tired to work.” Abdurixit. Grams of wood in accordance with the wife started a joke.

Villagers own workshop

Poverty channel

Hetian County Bujak even pull up the rural village, only the 433 villagers of village, 280 villagers in the home-woven carpets. Woman, is supporting the family’s main carpet industry.

On October 21 that day, my 47-year-old Cass weak wood. Tomur Nepal Tsutomu teeth early in the morning on Cayman soil Hom carrying farm work to the fields last winter son married the other day only to the city of Hotan went to work at home only to his wife Su-Man. Abbey does not pull and daughter-in-law.

My weak wood Cass know that the two women at home to clean up the house finished, will be sitting in the plane before the carpet weaving carpets. The carpet is a steel frame with the county on the financial funds to help the poor household with the villagers. Previously the home of wood shelf, throw in the sheep pen has been more than two years. “Iron shelf stretched tighter, weaving carpets out of the more solid.”

My poor, as expected by Cass wood, he left foreleg, his wife and daughter-in-law will soon finish household chores, sitting in the plane before the carpet weaving carpets from the past.

Man in the Soviet Union only a few simple patterns woven carpets, are married before she learned of. “Even with eyes closed, I also know that each step with the color of the line, a step which the line pressure … …” said the man in the Soviet Union, these types of patterns carpets, at least she has been weaving for more than 20 years has been bad Hutchison had in mind.

Su-Man and daughter-in-law and one half of carpet weaving, daughter-in-law ingenuity, carpet weaving skills than the poor mother-in-law, two out of the carpet weaving, hair length, the pattern of symmetry seems to be one of the organizations.

“I am in the hands of a nail with the machete is called ‘hot Wu Siti’, to pressure the line is called ‘frame set’, is also a special pair of long-woven carpets used are bought from the blacksmith there.” Sometimes, Su-Man to give curious tourists on the hands of those tools.

Sitting on the carpet for a long time ago, back Yousuan You difficulties of the Soviet Union in man distressed daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law not to sit too long. Neighbors of the girl, daughter-in-law went to the carpet factory in the village to go to work, carpet weaving together the two mother-in-law when some deserted, and Su-Man will speak to the son, daughter-in-law of a child, daughter-in-law would say to her home.

So no money to man bought wool, she dyed the wool of their own, together with the monotonous design, carpet weaving is not out of the high-end, both mother-in-law a year down the woven carpet 8 can only sell more than 3,000 Yuan. But this is already a year at home in a larger income.

Notes interview

During the interview, in Hotan Prefecture Administrative Office Commissioner Erkin. Nepal Tsutomu spit teeth, said local government departments to develop a system of blanket support the development of planning, continue to expand hand-scale production of wool carpets, blankets system at the same time strictly regulate the industry manual process to ensure the quality of traditional arts and crafts.

The average family’s carpet weaving workshop, as a single pattern, wool sparse density and other factors, far worse than those of the carpet weaving carpet factory, Wada is the lowest grade of carpet in their living space will be compressed so?

In fact, this is more than I worry because Hetian county in 2001 to set up township enterprises association of carpet and made a 2010 average realization of a carpet of steel frame of the goal, to the formation of the town of Bagh, Hanai Gram on rural, rural and pull Bujak according to the Center for Rural Cameroon, north of radiation-British Awat, color, such as Gezi kul Township, south of radiation, such as Long to the rural industrial development along the carpet pattern.

Hetian County township enterprises by the Secretary Abdul Dilber. Rozi told reporters, in fact, we are all the same, every household is to be hand-carpet workshops for farmers out of poverty more than one channel.

“How many Kunlun jade, Towada the number of stars of the night sky; the number of clouds in the sky, the number of Hotan carpets.” Wada in the region, there are two legends on the Hotan carpets, is a “carpet, the father of” Kexi Wan, Lamb and the other is old … …

“Father of the carpet” Kexi Wan

That Kexi Wan Yulong Kashgar River is a poor farmers, especially in the obsession with woven blankets, repeated failures are not discouraged. Whether he crops barren, he did not see a critically ill parents, Xiang Lin said he is “spreading Lang (fool).”

I do not know how much over the years, finally left in a Full Moon Night, and that the success of Kexi Wan. He used to do warp yarn, wool yarn plant deduction orange velvet, walnut skin, Dan Liuhua, red flowers, leather angustifolia, Apple leaf rust and metal objects such as the mixed stain after fermentation to create a spread for thousands of carpet weaving method . He write-through, with only Shou Yi, Jiang Tao Li Man.

At that Kexi Wan married, he suddenly disappeared without trace. Then disappear forever Kexi Wan, but his invention was never to stay in the land of Xinjiang.

Lamb of the old “magic carpet”

Hotan carpets will be civil known as the “old Lamb,” Lamb is the ancient legend of the Western Regions the King’s daughter, the outspoken father of the mocking birds have been exiled to become a shepherd. Lamb will be cut ancient wool, wool hand Cuocheng and dyeing plants, with a shelf do Populus, China Jingwei, after two months of hard work, to plant a flower, fruit, branches and leaves and all kinds of animals The patterns woven from the fabric. Lamb ancient spreading it to the ground, surrounded by a sudden Jade.