Dec 19 domestic cotton information

Domestic spot: December 19, the China Cotton (11635,270.00,2.38% of it) price index (CC Index328 level) to 10,891 yuan / ton, up 6 yuan; CC Index229 level to 11,405 yuan / ton, up 4 yuan; CC Index527 level for 9905 yuan / ton, unchanged. Bring together the market: December 19, MA0812 to close at 11,296 yuan, the average price of 11,122 yuan, up 126 yuan; MA0901 to close at 11,075 yuan, the average price of 11,031 yuan, down 43 yuan; MA0903 to close at 11,328 yuan, the average price of 11,309 yuan, up 5 yuan; MA0904 to close at 11,393 yuan, the average price of 11,391 yuan, down 18 yuan. The whole volume 5400 tons, an increase over the previous 160 tons, with a total volume of orders for 62,220 tons, an increase of 200 tons. Mr Cotton Futures: December 19, Mr Cotton CF905 main contract opened slightly lower, down in a lot of inertia in early trading Zengcang, followed by long period of buying support prices rebounded in the afternoon and then set short-covering Chung, a view supported prices at high on the front line , On-line form 2 / 3 under the lead of the Line of small, and shrinking of the main contracts traded, slightly lower positions. C901 traded 470 contracts on hand on hand Jiancang 26, 6660 closed positions in hand; CF905 traded 27,276 contracts on hand, 280 Jiancang on hand, 39,554 hand closed positions. Cotton imports: December 19, to replace imported cotton, the main Hong Kong and China offer the general decline in most of the species down 0.50-0.75 cents cotton in West Africa and Central Asia, cotton fell 1.00-1.50 cents, India offer the same cotton. Recently, the stock traded in the doldrums of the international situation has not changed, but the price has been relatively stable, mainly due to high prices of origin, difficult to export cotton and India. U.S. weekly cotton export last week, China signed volume was offset by the full amount of breach of contract, breach of contract case in other countries have also increased.