December 26 cotton textile market information

1.25 three-day seed cotton 2.2 Hubei 2.1 Jiangsu 2.25 Anhui 2.24 Shandong 2.23 Henan, Hubei 2.04 4 2.02, Hunan, Shanxi 2.19 for informational purposes only.

2.25 lint on the three-tier 10,732 lint 10,099 Anhui, Jiangsu 10,714, and four 9854 Hubei, Hunan, Shanxi 10,063 for information purposes only 10,456.

326 Chinese cotton price index on 328 10924,527 level 9941,229 class 11478.


5.26 Shouchu Japan launched 39,200 tons, 05,400 tons, including Hubei Xiangfan / Sil / Jing Chu / Chang Feng / Koike / library Yinfeng

Zheng cotton closed 6.26 on Jan. 11,550 or 11,665, 30,3, 35,5 or 35,7 or 11,785 or 11,920 on 20.

7. Experts believe that poor sales of cotton this year for two main reasons, the first by the global economic environment, production and marketing of textile enterprises in the doldrums, to reduce the volume of sales of cotton yarn, cotton prices and hoarding of cotton traders do not want to buy, followed by the purchase price is not Stability.

8. With the Spring Festival approaches, businesses are stepping up to the end, even the farmers have begun to repay the agricultural accounts, the recent initiative of the farmers sell more. Cottonseed has been warmer over the past two days, but there are still some areas continued to go down. Seed cotton prices rose slightly stability, prudent acquisition processing plant, an active part in cross-Chu.

9. Dafeng, Jiangsu’s 400 companies raised cotton seed cotton price and at the same time the country for the first time the development of seed cotton to protect the lowest price by 2.6 yuan / jin acquisition of seed cotton, cotton farmers are so pleased to thank the times, it is cold in the winter for the cotton farmers brought A ray of warmth.

10. National Development and Reform Commission Zhang Mao, deputy director of the December 24 morning to the 11th National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the Sixth Meeting of the report in May 2007 since the State Council to strengthen the regulation and control prices, the prices should be rising too fast work.

11. According to the relevant provisions of China’s accession to the WTO, and the number of textile export license management measures will expire at the end of 2008, China and the United States, China and the EU bilateral textile memorandum of understanding will end at the same time, China’s textile exports will enter a stage of free trade are no longer subject to quota Restrictions.

12. With the beginning of this year, the abolition of textile quota exports to the EU in the next few days, the United States will abolish quotas for textiles and clothing exports, China’s textile and garment industry will enter a “quota” of the times.

13. Continuous snowfall in northern Xinjiang, the transport to a certain extent, most of the mainland fine weather, the work of normal cotton, the latter part of the South is facing a test of a new round of rain.