Delixi 200,000 tons filament fiber project has entered a phase of site formation

Yesterday afternoon, deputy secretary of municipal party committee Suqian, led by City Mayor finance, transport, planning, water supply, electricity and other departments responsible comrades went to places City, on the second phase project of the area Hengli, Suqian Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing Shuren International School Campus Suqian three key projects to conduct research and will be held at the scene. Qiang Yang city leaders, accompanied by research.

Delixi 200,000 tons filament fiber project has entered a phase of site formation. Hengli Industrial Park as the main body of the second phase project, which used advanced equipment and leading technology, when completed, to an annual output of polyester fiber differentiation 200,000 tons, the output value 5,000,000,000 yuan. In the project construction site, pointed out that chemical fiber project Delixi Suqian for the development of textile and garment industry is of great significance, after the completion of the lead to a large number of associated industries, the relevant departments directly under the project power supply, migration, land approval , earthwork adjustment and other aspects, in accordance with the principle of full deputy to do a good job engineering services to ensure early construction projects, as early as the completion, as early as the production.