Different background color of the carpet different mood experience

Carpet can bring people comfort Jiaogan, the human foot is a place where most acupuncture points, so the task of protecting the foot should be handed over to the carpet. Different colors and patterns of carpets have different visual effects, it brings a different frame of mind experience, the appropriate use of cloth accessories to change the bad mood is very good. Therefore, in selecting the color of the carpet when we must seriously consider something!
Select the background color of the carpet should be decorated with color coordination. All the color associated with, the room can be a harmonious whole. If the room has decided to other parts of the color, then it should make the color of the carpet with their similar color. If there is a selection of the design of the wallpaper, a sofa or a picture, you can select a color from the color as the carpet. Well-being of the color difference will be a direct impact on the visual effects, as well as the feelings of people, such as blue-green hue, and other people feel calm, spacious, quiet; exciting colors such as orange, the warm feeling of complexity; purple people will consciously noble.