Difficulties in the textile industry, the situation can not be optimistic about next year

During the just-concluded “2008 International Cotton Textile Forum”, the experts believe that while some of the previously issued a national support policies, but the textile industry is still very difficult, the situation can not be optimistic about next year.

Tsinghua University, China researcher with the world economy, said Yuan Gangming, macro-economic environment for the textile industry have a negative impact on the yuan appreciation led to the decline in textile export growth next year to speed up the yuan to appreciate further.

Cotton, president of global information company, said Robert Antexiake, including China, the world’s textile industry is facing increasing costs and falling prices of textiles dual problems, customers will be affected by the decline in demand for less and less. In the global textile market, China is facing five major rivals, who are Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. These opponents of the rapid growth of textile production, the current overall scale has to catch up with China.

China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Under-Secretary-General Zhang Xian said that textile exports will be further troubled by trade disputes. U.S. industry is calling for the implementation of Vietnam’s current “import control measures” from next year be extended to China, that China’s imports of key commodities, the amount and price monitoring. EU textile trade agreement hope that the relatively stable.