Domestic chemical fiber market prices have fallen sharply

Recently, in particular, by the end of October this year, the domestic varieties of staple fiber polyester filament market prices have fallen sharply, down as much as 20%. At the same time, industry operating rate fell in general, the operating rate at the end of each year are inadequate, but this year the situation even worse. On the one hand, by the end of October to July, the international oil prices from more than 140 U.S. dollars / barrel Bao Diezhi 60 U.S. dollars to 70 U.S. dollars / barrel, the major chemical fiber raw materials prices also fell sharply, PTA from 9800 yuan at the highest / t down to 5100 yuan / Tons of ethylene glycol from 9900 yuan / ton down to 3450 yuan / ton, or up to 48% and 65%; in October month PTA, ethylene glycol were on the decline as high as 28% and 46%. At the same time, polyester filament prices have also dropped, making the inventory of raw materials and the substantial depreciation of the product. On the other hand, significantly reduced the market demand, prices fell sharply, so that the purchase of raw materials more expensive enterprise a serious loss. In this case, a serious loss of business cash flow, and now nearly the end of the year, commercial banks have cut loans, loan return, together with the business end of the year to increase the cost of the characteristics of enterprise funds increased pressure on the chain.

As a result of the suppression of a global recession concerns of the international demand for crude oil increased again, the international oil prices again fell sharply on the New York market, oil prices fell below 60 U.S. dollars a barrel, a 20-month low. On the same day, New York, December delivery of light sweet crude oil futures fell 3.08 U.S. dollars to close at 59.33 U.S. dollars a barrel, followed by yesterday’s price fell 3.17 U.S. dollars again, to close at 56.16 U.S. dollars, the relative weakness of crude oil, polyester market will not Going strong. At present, PTA market stalemate, the spot price fell to first-line 4500, while MEG prices in the spot market talk only in 3700 yuan / ton, and few transactions. At the same time, crude oil was down by the impact of China’s Jiangsu and Zhejiang market polyester chip prices fell below 6,000 yuan. This transaction Guangzhou Trade Fair from the point of view, the volume of textiles and garments fell into three, indicates that the export situation in the poor next year. That being the case, I am afraid of polyester filament market in the next period of time, will be essential in a downward path.