Domestic prices of polyester chip market trends

Polyester market: in the upper reaches of the role of raw material prices, the domestic polyester chip prices Xian Zhang, semi-light-level filament polyester chip, the current market price of 6350 yuan / ton in March to acceptance, the filament light Polyester chip level, the market price of 6400 yuan / ton in March to acceptance, cash prices in 6250 yuan / ton and 6300 yuan / ton. CDP filament-class section of the current market price of 7250 yuan / ton, compared to last week there were 250-300 yuan / ton higher. Polyester volume enlarged due to the lower reaches of votes necessary to clear procurement, POY, FDYY ex-factory prices of products are for 100 – 200 yuan / ton or so of the increase, the market did rise; DTY continue to be stable.

Market price of dynamic display, by the end of the weekend, the market Sheng POY50D/48F, 75D/96F, 100D/96F, 150D/48F center of the market price at 76,000,000 yuan / ton, 7400 yuan / ton, 7300 yuan / ton, 7250 / Tons; FDY50D/48F, 63D/24F, 66D/24F, 75D/36F, 100D/48F, 150D/96F center of the market price at 9200 yuan / ton, 8600 yuan / ton, 8500 yuan / ton, 8400 Yuan / ton, 8200 yuan / ton, 7900 yuan / ton; DTY prices of most products have a stable performance. One, POY and FDY part of the product over the weekend, and offer 100 yuan / ton at the mention of large quantitiesbut there are no major changes in the grid.

Market, the market Sheng sales appear divergent trend, which, FDY50D, 63D, 68D, 75D products are active, in addition to the material needs of manufacturers, by weaving machine for FDY50D, 75D demand is also Active, more than Youguang FDY300D standard products are also very good, Oxford cloth bags is currently booming production and sales; POY75D, 100D product sales volume occur walking; DTY150 and specifications of the following products market transactions are more active, DTY the lower reaches of the network wire Buying, there is very positive. Foreseen under the lower reaches of the week there are votes to offset purchases, the volume of Polyester products still outstanding for a time, while the bulk of Polyester Fiber manufacturers currently supply a little tight. If the polyester raw material prices continue to rise, polyester filament prices will certainly follow up, but if the price of polyester raw material price increases can not continue, polyester filament prices will be in the current price level for consolidation. Of course, to offset votes in the lower reaches of the procurement drive, do not rule out the possibility Polyester prices will take advantage of picked up slightly, but prices up space is very limited.

Shalei market: the market this week, all-cotton yarn prices have not changed, sales, J21s, 32s cotton yarn market is still the main selling varieties. Polyester staple fiber market this week, continue to adjust the oscillation, the maintenance of price stability in the market Chun Disha, 21s this weekend, the market quotations for 11,600 yuan / ton, 32s offer 12,100 yuan / ton, 45s to 13,100 yuan / ton, 50s to 13,900 Yuan / ton, 45S sales in a good performance this week, the relative frequency of shipping; Shengze market this week were cotton yarn prices continued to fall in trading volume and little people down the reasons for their cotton, viscose staple fiber from the recent price Down. This week, prices of viscose staple fiber from 12,050 yuan / T down to 11,800 yuan / T. Having one type of cotton yarn is expected to continue downward trend. Mixed polyester-cotton yarn product lines for smooth performance of the market; part of the viscose yarn prices.