Dow XLA elastic fiber production of multi-media advertising

A few days ago, the Dow Fiber Division announced that a new generation of Dow XLA elastic fiber production of multi-media advertising, and running around the world. At the same time, Dow XLA elastic fiber Zhengshishangxian site, whether retailers or consumers, from the Web site can clearly understand and XLA elastic fiber all the relevant information. In the ad after the official launch, consumers can see the ads on the site of the video.

Standing as a global fashion and technology leader in cutting-edge fiber fabric suppliers, Dow Fiber Division introduced a groundbreaking and innovative XLA elastic fiber, this fiber that the Dow will break the original design rules In order to change the appearance of the fabric, feel, as well as to meet the different needs of a variety of occasions. In order for consumers to understand that this fiber to the daily life brought about by the changes Dow textile fibers business has been designed in a series of visual impact of print ads, video ads and are intended to challenge the practice in the humanities as a whole Into line with the fashion point of view, to reflect the interaction between people and the world and the desire for a breakthrough.

At the same time, the online site includes the XLA elastic fiber-to-date applications and activities, but also from the consumer Web site that XLA elastic fiber products in the apparel market advantages and applications. In addition to retailers on its Web site information available to the procurement of services, but also to search for and the Dow XLA co-brand.

Dow Fiber Division global brand manager for the dissemination of Holiday Watson said, “We believe that the Dow XLA elastic fiber brand has reached a new height, as a choice of quality fiber, XLA in the industry’s strong brand gained widespread Recognition. Now is the time to announce our cooperation with the best time, we believe that this XLA fiber innovation brought about by the tremendous interest enough to break through the existing processing plant designers and design rules. ”

Have been taken Diesel, Nokia, IKEA and of advertising Bjom Borg fashion photographer Henrik Halvarsson adopted a controversial non-traditional approach to this challenge, he shot each of the subversion of all the fashion and practices to give solutions, This is on the XLA elastic fiber solutions. Print ads and online ads blend of maturity and passion, depicting a world of people could not resist, in this world, everything suddenly turned into a tailor-made for you. Video ads let us set foot on this journey – the design excellence, performance, durability and fit – in the heart of the fashion categories, to wear jeans and bathing suits, so that consumers get from the visual Dow XLA Elastic fibers brought about by the experience.

Dow XLA elastic fiber “break the rules, I hit the trend” advertising campaign in North America, Europe, South America and Asia, global business publications, trade magazines and consumer magazines put in, including Women’s Wear Daily, DNR , Sportswear International, Inside Fashion, Textile Herald, and so on, an integrated network platform and some type of national media will be put in this supplement. At the same time, the Dow XLA new website in both Chinese and English Web site, you will bring a fresh feeling of stunning.