Effects of the financial crisis will continue until 2009 or even longer

2009 polyester and textile industry is still facing tremendous pressure. The United States, one of the top five investment banks Lehman Brothers bankruptcy triggered by the impact of the financial crisis will continue until 2009 or even longer. External environment for the textile industry exports will continue to deteriorate, the pressure is still a huge export. The bleak prospects for the textile industry is bound to lead to reduced demand for polyester, PTA market in 2009, therefore I am afraid and depressed demand.

However, in spite of bad factors in 2009 dominated the market, but there are also some factors that benefit can not be overlooked. Countries to actively support the introduction of macro-economic policy of processing trade enterprises. In both internal and external situation, the Chinese government to actively deal with the impact of financial crisis to ease the pressure on enterprise funds, introduced a number of measures to support the textile industry. Include: the suspension of processing trade restricted bond”real change” policy; frequent lowering of interest rates; the State Council issued financial “National 9” to stimulate the economy after the December 13, 2008, the State Council General Office also announced that 30 items 9 and “Office of the State Council on the current financial promote economic development a number of opinions”, therefore, the textile industry in 2009 is expected out of the woods, and then PTA demand-led recovery