Egypt in 2008 cotton acreage and production is expected to be reduced by 50%

Tuesday, the U.S. foreign agricultural service counselor of the agricultural release of the report, Egypt in 2008 cotton acreage and production is expected to be reduced by 50%.

Egyptian cotton acreage has dropped by nearly 60%. In general, Egypt’s cotton production in the 800,000 packets, which exports 460,000 package, the remainder of their textile production by the digestion. The local textile mill in the energy consumption of about 920,000 packets, textile mills have to import 460,000 bales of cotton. This year, is expected to reduce production to 528,000 packages, exports decreased to 275,000 packets. This means that Egypt imports will increase to 735,000 packets.

At present, the import of cotton from eight to be approved by the region: Sudan, Syria, Greece, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, California, Arizona and Ethiopia. The approval of imports of cotton area does not have to happen seed weevil. Once the technical papers and received the approval of imports, imports cotton to be in place by a vacuum loading port for methyl bromide fumigation, or if there is no vacuum in place, it must be shipped to Hong Kong to carry out fumigation in the atmosphere, and then arrived in Hong Kong and the place vacuum A second fumigation. As the international community on the use of methyl bromide is very sensitive (usually does not allow the European Union), is now investigating alternative chemicals.

If the United States of Southeast cotton can be allowed to export to Egypt, the prospects will be quite good. It is particularly important that must be considered from the West Coast of the United States (as opposed to the East Coast) to increase the export of freight and time.