Equipment manufacturing and textile industry how to make use of two planning policy support for the opportunity to bring plates?

Ming-trial of the State Council, and textile equipment manufacturing planning how to make use of two industry policy support opportunities brought about by plate?

According to market sources, the equipment manufacturing industry and textile industry has been planning the revitalization of the final will be three this week submitted to the State Council executive meeting. In the January 14, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved in principle the steel and automotive industries to revive plan, stock trading activity related to plate, the emergence of many investment opportunities, and that in the equipment manufacturing and textile planning upcoming occasion, the two plate in those stocks have the opportunity to advance worthy of our attention? Today we have to explore this topic next.

First of all, attention to the equipment manufacturing industry, the market generally expected that the equipment manufacturing industry planning will smooth the adoption by the State Council, which formed on the overall development of China’s equipment manufacturing environment. However, a look A-share market, equipment manufacturing plate enormous varieties covering machinery, instrumentation, military, shipbuilding, automobiles, airplanes and many other areas.

Issues: the face of so many areas where the species is more for us to focus on mining?

It is understood that the equipment manufacturing industry will focus on the revitalization of the planning machinery industry to solve 16 major areas of focus on the development of weak links on the basis of the development of more importance will be the development of the host led to the development of host-related components and key parts and components common development.

Question: The plan for the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry to focus on the basis of the development on?

The following is issued on the planning of the more prominent views are related to major equipment and infrastructure components, especially the first parts on the basis of a very important position. Judging from the current major equipment and infrastructure components listed companies, the industry more varieties. Mechanical engineering industry, SANY, Zoomlion,Liugong obvious leader at an important position,

Question: As this position and the special needs of the industry clearly the leading manufacturer of equipment worthy of a thorough excavation of those?

Xiao Hang Jiuding Dresdner analysts believe that nuclear power, new energy and other major equipment manufacturing companies to focus on the most worthy. Because the building in line with China’s economic development has become a consensus on nuclear power plants, domestic equipment and also put on the nuclear agenda, and thus to the nuclear power equipment manufacturing companies the opportunity, while the energy from the new point of view, engaged in wind power equipment, electrical energy equipment listed companies such as Hua Miriam appliances, Ke-li Yuan, the science and technology such as wind equipment manufacturing industry optimistic about the future development of the same long-term.

Question: For the field of nuclear power and new energy equipment manufacturing major investors in mining companies is the first choice for the plate, how do you think? Related stocks, the opportunity is so?

Judging from the future industry, China’s military-industrial areas of the aircraft carrier shipbuilding, major aircraft manufacturers, etc. show a broader space for development, which also shares in the ship, XAC international companies such as equipment manufacturers to provide a huge space for development.

Question: We see that as China Shipbuilding shares XAC international military equipment manufacturers such as trading shares from time to time to show strength, for such stocks, of which investment opportunities in what?

Submitted to the State Council on the 4th consideration not only equipment manufacturing, as well as the revitalization of the textile industry planning, and planning for the textile, in spite of last year has been the textile export tax rebate rate from 11% to 13%, but the textile industry is still facing difficulties both inside and outside the intertwined , so the market will increase the export tax rebate rate to 15% of calls are high. There is a market that the textile export tax rebate rate to 17% even if the increase is not surprising.

Question: As the best of “Pratt & Whitney,” The financial and taxation measures to increase the export tax rebate rate for textiles in the revitalization plan tomorrow that may arise there? The industry as a whole is a delaying tactic ?

Shanxi Securities believes that the appreciation of the renminbi and the combined effect of increased labor costs, the textile industry comparative cost advantage of the gradual loss of focus on the low end of industry chain of many low value-added businesses would be eliminated, forcing China’s textile and garment enterprises embark on technology management and brands to create and upgrade the road.

Question: What are the companies that the market requires us to early investors avoid?

Shanxi Securities also believes that only a differentiated product in order to enable companies to obtain the excess proceeds, and product brands, channels and functional differentiation is to achieve the core subject in the future, “planning” after the affirmative, at the same time has a brand, channels and corporate functions , its main business revenue growth potential is very great. Such as Rebecca, Smith Barney costumes, Youngor, news and other birds.