Examination of the financial crisis in textile industry Anfen strength to meet challenges

To the financial crisis, the textile industry to bear the brunt. So severe, many textile enterprises have even dared to imagine the market next year, not only from the most high-profile national expansion to contraction care front, but not easily in transition, just to stabilize the status quo, to wait and see. Despite the 4 trillion national investment to expand domestic demand and protect the start of housing construction, the development of the rural market for the textile enterprises in developed markets provides a new direction for guiding. But the future of the textile industry, still far from clear.

In these circumstances, the brand Anfen official visit to China can not but say the industry is a major move, but also fully proved their strength Anfen absolute confidence. France Anfen from the home sewing by hand a landing on the mainland, it demonstrated its Thatcher’s extraordinary qualities, so many home sewing enthusiasts eyes. With a world-class design and exquisite workmanship, as well as modern art流水生产线, Anfen landing in China within a few months of time to lay its hand in the Chinese market, the cloth-the-art status.

Home textiles from China Association of statistics, at present, China’s per capita consumption of home textiles and clothing consumption expenditure was 7%, while the developed countries, home textiles and clothing consumer spending was essentially flat, home textile consumption per capita increased by one percentage point in demand Can be increased more than 300 billion yuan. To industry estimates, as the people’s consumption concept of home textiles and home textiles design changes in the level and quality improvement, home textiles market, a huge potential consumer will be released, of course, high-end products accounted for a considerable proportion. An Fen and is aimed at high-end market, in design, product materials, processing technology in such areas as evolution, so that time led the fashion trend of the cloth. At present, China Anfen headquarters has been in product development, design, production, marketing, logistics and so on, Anfen have established well-run system to ensure that the company’s high-speed operation, is to win one of the key elements of the market.

After taking into account those who joined in the early immature business, marketing is limited, Anfen is taken by the full supervision of operations, one-stop shopping service model, do our utmost to ensure that the interests of those who joined, that is joined to a profit Is a golden business opportunity for small and medium-sized investors and bring a wealth of new ways.