Fair ended 7.9 percent decline in textile turnover

105th Canton Fair drew to an end at 7 pm, Canton Fair, Deputy Secretary-General, the press spokesman Mu Xinhai published the “final data”: the 105th Canton Fair export turnover of 26.23 billion U.S. dollars for over the last 5320 million U.S. dollars to reduce , a decrease of 16.9%; a total of 209 countries and regions outside the 165,436 to be buyers, compared with the last reduction in 9126 dropped 5.2%.


Mu Xinhai use “was to shrink to some extent” to describe the decline in turnover. It appears in many enterprises, this situation not only in the expected and the unintended. “A lot of people are expected to drop 20 percent, it is 17%. How much we seem to have breathed a sigh of relief.” Zhejiang Cereals, Oils Import and Export Corporation, said .


But the unexpected is the impact of various types of products are being made before some of the demand for business-to-rigid part of a relatively high degree of stabilization of the industry as soon as possible, rehabilitation of the judge or come to nothing.


Statistics show that turnover of clothing and accessories declined by 15.2%, textiles 7.9% decline in turnover, declined 2.4 percent daily turnover. Only the pharmaceutical industry, by stimulating the market demand increases, turnover 220 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 34.7%.


“In fact the trend of global economic recovery is still very unstable and volatile.” Deputy director of Foreign Trade Ministry of Commerce, Trade Fair Business Office, said Wen Zhongliang.


Ministry of Commerce Mei Xinyu, an associate researcher at the Institute believe that the second half of this year China’s export situation is expected to stand down, even if it is very difficult fourth quarter, a real turn for the better. Negative growth in exports during the year it is difficult to reverse, but the decline in the second half of exports will be reduced.


Ministry of Commerce said that from the Fair on the message that while China’s foreign trade since March there have been some positive situation for the better signal, but the next two quarters of the possibility of reversing the downward trend is not large, the export industry may have to be a real improvement in the fourth quarter.


Zhongliang text that, in the past, orders in the Spring Fair, the annual nature of much of the long one, but this short, single, small, single, fast single-occupy a decisive position, indicating that the next two quarters to reverse China’s Exports are not likely to trend downward, but also a turnaround in the fourth quarter for a certain amount of space left.


“It is a short one for the king, usually 3-5 on the production of delivery, as well as shorter, more urgent. Documents are also small lines, which show that the Autumn Fair this year, before the opening of October, orders for less than the the situation will continue. “Zhongliang Wen said that this shows that compared with the end of last year, Chinese enterprises have passed the most difficult period, many companies have survived. Through these orders to maintain the “low carrier” of the situation, the foreign trade situation “real improvement” may be beyond the fourth quarter of this year.


Bank of Communications Department of the Development Research Fellow Liu Neng-hua told this reporter that the United States in 2009 than in the first quarter of GDP while Central dropped 6.1 percent discount rate, but consumption increased by 2.2 percent, better than market expectations. The United States is the consumption-driven country, once the consumer started pulling effect on the economy will be very substantial, the U.S. second quarter GDP is expected to achieve chain growth.


Eurozone manufacturing and services PMI index rose by 3 percentage points, indicating that ring-quarter GDP contracted further than expected to ease the situation; the Japanese Government to boost the effectiveness of fiscal policy have begun to appear. Liu Neng-hua believes that the Canton Fair food, footwear turnover rose slightly, overseas buyers to more than one quarter of inventory has been basically completed.


Mu Xinhai said the results showed that the current trade turnover target of orders, the re-emergence of the “traditional market shrinking turnover, an increase in emerging markets,” the situation. The European Union, the Middle East and the United States remain the top three transactions were 7.57 billion U.S. dollars, 4.08 billion U.S. dollars and 3.3 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, compared with the previous reduction of 28%, 4.7% and 8.1% respectively of the total turnover of 28.8%, 15.5 % and 12.6%.


In emerging markets, Argentina, India, ASEAN turnover 380 million U.S. dollars, respectively, 770 million U.S. dollars, 1.93 billion U.S. dollars, respectively, an increase of 10.2%, 6.2% and 7.1% respectively. This fair to the new buyers will reach 57,210 people, accounting for a total of 1 / 3.


Cold in Europe and America, emerging markets, hot cases, buyers from India, according to said he could feel that China’s manufacturers in improving their treatment. Sales in the Middle East as a gift and business gifts, he said, even though the local market also declined about 10%, but he understands the U.S. market than the 50 percent decline in demand, it well too much.


An enterprise in Zhejiang Province, said Chinese exporters now must be a three-legged walking: “the stability of Europe and the United States and other old customers, to develop the Middle East, South America and other emerging markets, to open up domestic markets.”


Electrical goods turnover is still the main force. Data show that mechanical and electrical goods traded 11.26 billion U.S. dollars, 19.5 percent more than the last reduction, accounting for 42.9 percent of the total turnover; commodity turnover has decreased in general, only the growth of individual commodities. Of which 4.77 billion U.S. dollars turnover of household electrical appliances, 11.7 percent reduction; Hardware Tools traded 2.13 billion U.S. dollars, down 28.3%. Food, a slight increase in footwear, respectively, and 410 million U.S. dollars turnover of 550 million U.S. dollars, respectively, an increase of 3% and 1.9% respectively.