February 13 domestic cotton information

Domestic spot: February 13, China’s cotton (11990,15.00,0.13%) price index (CC Index328) 11176 yuan / ton, up 11 yuan, 527 average price of cotton to plant 10,047 yuan / ton. Today the acquisition of 328 Chinese cotton reference price (36% lint percentage, 10% moisture) 2.27 yuan, the cost of 10,680 yuan, up.

Matching markets: February 13, MA0903 to close at 12,070 yuan, an average price of 12,089 yuan, up 49元; MA0904 to close at 12,100 yuan, an average price of 12,067 yuan, up 42 yuan; MA0905 to close at 12,200 yuan, an average price of 12,210 yuan, up 12 yuan; MA0906 to close at 12,288 yuan, an average price of 12,294 yuan, up 21 yuan. Overall turnover of 6760 tons, 480 tons over the previous increase in the total order quantity is 59,120 tons, an increase of 1,000 tons.

Mr Cotton Futures: February 13, CF905 contract closing price of 11,990 yuan, the settlement price of 11,975 yuan, an increase of 5 million, 12,058 traded hands, 50,528 hands positions to increase the 910 hands; CF907 closing price of 12,175 yuan, the settlement price of 12,155 yuan, up 10 million.

Imports of cotton: February 13, some of the main varieties of Chinese in Hong Kong continued to fall quotation, of which U.S. cotton decline of 0.5 cents, down 1 cents Cotton in Central Asia, India, cotton prices remain unchanged. At present, the U.S. cotton varieties Fibermax low cotton prices in India 0.25 cents, will be more interested in attracting Chinese procurement.