February 9 Comments domestic cotton market

Domestic spot: February 9, China’s cotton (12130,0.00,0.00%) price index (CC Index328) 11119 yuan / ton, up 2 yuan, 527 average price of cotton to plant 10,035 yuan / ton. Today the acquisition of 328 Chinese cotton reference price (36% lint percentage, 10% water) at 2.25 yuan, the cost of 10,662 yuan, slightly lower.

Matching markets: February 9, MA0903 to close at 12,050 yuan, an average price of 11,996 yuan, up 140 yuan; MA0904 to close at 12,100 yuan, an average price of 12,041 yuan, up 146 yuan; MA0905 to close at 12,180 yuan, an average price of 12,113 yuan, up 152 yuan; MA0906 to close at 12,258 yuan, an average price of 12,145 yuan, up 111 yuan. Overall turnover of 9620 tons more than the previous increase in 2540 tons, the total order quantity is 55,100 tons and reduce 1160 tons.

Mr Cotton Futures: February 9, Zheng cotton CF905 main contract slightly opened higher in early trading lateral collating, shortly after the end of the morning trading section by buying long push higher, the afternoon shift the focus of consolidation, from a small number of long positions in the disc pressure adjust , the formation of Date Line, the main contracts traded enlarge positions increased significantly. 56,840 contracts traded C905 day hand, date hand 6504, 54,926 hand closed positions; CF907 traded 2662 contracts date hand, day 876 hands, closed 8542 hand positions; CF909 traded 1654 contracts date hand, day 408 hand, closed hand positions 7364.

Imports of cotton: February 9, to replace imported cotton, the main port in China there is no change in pricing, and only slightly by the Indian Cotton Price 0.25 cents. A few days ago the Government of India also prepare low-cost acquisition of new sales CCI cotton, cotton pricing in India after the Spring Festival have now lowered, and on the international market pressures will gradually appear.