Follow-up out of the textile industry with innovative technology to build a strong textile

Began in the United States, the world’s financial crisis continues to deepen, when the bottom is still without any definite conclusion. Financial crisis in the global textile industry has accelerated the process of re-shuffle, and the textile industry, as China’s most internationally competitive industries, are facing a severe test of how to upgrade.
       China Textile Industry Association Du Yuzhou 2008 At the recent annual figures in recognition of innovation in the textile industry activities that in 2009 China’s textile industry should be based on the core values of innovation as the core spirit of the times; and propulsion technology integrated innovation is the textile industry to achieve great-leap-forward development.

             Take technology-based long-term follow-up line

       Since reform and opening up, China’s textile science and technology innovation has been achieved initial results, but compared with the international advanced level there are still large gaps, even though the gap with the standards of measurement is reduced gradually, but it appears to small gap between the technology is often the highest part.
       Du Yuzhou that, for a long time, China’s textile industry, science and technology development is mainly taking technology-based follow-up line, This is reflected in the introduction of OEM-dependent and rely on two aspects. Dependence refers to the introduction of the so-called China’s textile industry in the manufacturing process, dependent on foreign advanced technology, and rely on the OEM refers to China’s textile and apparel exports have independent intellectual property rights, particularly in the field of textile machinery, China’s proportion of the original innovation is also very low.
       It is learned that China has independently developed a lot of textile technology to stay in the 20th century, the international standard of 90’s, and those who are really the world’s leading scientific research from the industry there is still a long way to go. Moreover, a considerable number of enterprises are the rapid expansion of demand in the market during the “copying” to enter the field of textile, the textile enterprises of these free-riding, even if the introduction of the world’s leading equipment, nor can the development of high value-added products, because they did not absorb the imported technology good.
        Du Yuzhou that while China’s textile industry can be produced in the world of any kind, any quality of the textile and garment products, and as an international cross-border buyers preferred, but China’s textile industry chain in the cross-industry access to the market value of only 15% ~ 20%. The reason for this is China’s lack of innovation culture, innovation directly related to the existence of weak. In other words, China’s textile industry did not get the value of the birth of creativity, but only have the value manufacturing.
        In addition to the pace of innovation behind the international advanced level, the research also long been plagued by inadequate investment in the textile industry in our country the main crux of innovation. It is understood that China’s textile enterprises above the scale of investment in research and development of sales accounted for less than 1%, while in developed countries, the proportion of 3% ~ 5%, and some even reached 10%. If the textile industry’s annual sales income will be 1 percent for research and development, the annual industry-wide R & D investment will reach 24 billion yuan.
       It is worth mentioning that in our textile enterprises above designated size, 99.4% are SMEs, they are innovative new force, but its credit guarantee and a very prominent issue of financing difficulties. It is clear that small and medium-sized textile enterprises to improve the financing environment, the need for the strong support of the central policy and financial system, actively cooperate with local governments.

             Integrated innovation to raise the contribution rate of science and technology

        Cutting-edge technology is the world’s developed countries, one of the core competitiveness, and textile technology to master the commanding heights of China’s textile industry is the key to the optimization and upgrading. China Textile Industry Association vice president of high-yong told reporters, in order to promote scientific and technological progress of textile, specialized in spinning Society formulated the “Outline for the Development of Textile Industry and Technology”, proposed by China’s textile industry will focus on the development of 38 key technologies; also in 2008 “Program “The key technology projects refinement, decomposition, adjustments and amendments, introduced the” Eleventh Five-Year, “the textile industry and the industrialization of scientific and technological project guide. It was revealed that the “Platform” has become a science and technology projects related to the development of the industry must take into consideration a programmatic document, the current number of key technology has achieved breakthrough results.
       Quarter of the Chinese Academy of Engineering GB stressed that the Chinese textile industry should be a particular focus on integrated innovation ability, how to improve enterprise as the main body, a combination of innovative research models, to achieve the best allocation of resources and maximize the benefits is currently China’s textile industry to promote the focus of scientific and technological innovation. To this end, the textile industry to increase investment in science and technology should continue to actively promote the industrialization of research results, and strive to form a chain of textile industry in the interests of downstream communities. According to China’s textile and stage of development of science and technology, the platform is set up to promote innovation and integrated innovation of a valid path. It is understood that from Foshan in Guangdong in 2003 to establish the first industrial innovation platform, the China Textile Association has been different in the domestic textile industry cluster in the building about 30 new platform features. At the same time, the textile industry also have been the building of two integrated innovation and research and development platform, one is located in Hangzhou, China Textile and Apparel Information Business Center, and the other is located in Songjiang, Shanghai China Fabrics engineering research and development base in Shanghai.
The face of the global financial crisis and a severe test, Du Yuzhou said frankly that in 2009 China’s textile industry is the core values of innovation as the core spirit of the times. To this end, China’s textile industry currently has three main tasks: First, the real innovation into the building, the strict compliance with the “people than the people” principle; Second, continue to promote integrated innovation, including research, both at home and abroad with combination of integrated innovation in the textile industry by leaps and bounds an important factor in development; The third is to speed up the brand to promote, foster a number of international competitiveness of their own brands, thus strengthening the requirements of the textile.

             A number of technical textiles and urged the New Deal and taxation

        China’s textile industry is a blueprint for future development: By 2020, that is, the end of textile and power to achieve the goal. Du Yuzhou in view, in order to become China’s textile power capacity must be based on scientific and technological innovation to promote the upgrading of the textile industry.
         Ji Guobiao that scientific and technological innovation of China’s textile industry must be multi-pronged approach, including the use of information technology to stimulate the modernization of the textile industry the production process; using high technology to transform the traditional textile industry to enhance the level of textile technology and products; from a variety of areas such as expanding the number of textile materials; focus on differentiation, functional fiber development.
        There is no doubt that on February 4 this year, a State Council executive meeting to consider the textile industry through restructuring and revitalization of Planning (hereinafter referred to as planning) is an important powerful textile turned promoter.
       Planning clear, it is necessary to increase the taxation of financial support to textile and garment export tax rebate rate from 14% to 15% better for the time being, the fundamentals of operating and financial difficulties of the credit support to enterprises; increase support for Medium Small textile enterprises, encourage the provision of credit guarantee institutions guarantee and financing services, to reduce the burden of textile enterprises.
        Planning at the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the technological transformation of the Central investment in the new set up special, focusing on support for spinning weaving, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber industries technological progress, and promote the industrialization of high-tech fibers, textiles and equipment to raise the level of autonomy.
       Prior to this, the State Council also issued a demand expansion, the growth of 10 security measures, corporate renewal and transformation to become the next important area of central investment. National value-added tax reform, the textile enterprises can purchase equipment deduction contained in the new value-added tax, which is to promote technological progress of textile major positive.

             Benchmarking enterprise technology, “winter”

         Crisis in the financial sector in recession, there will always be the responsibility of innovation out textile and garment enterprises. Their innovative Practice has fully proved that capture and the creation of effective demand, speed up scientific and technological innovation, is to deal with crises, risks, sustainable development was fundamental.
         And other sub-sectors like textiles, dyeing and printing industry in 2008 by the international financial crisis. However, Xia, Jiangsu Textile Co., Ltd. color green off last year’s profit margin remained at about 10%, and orders have been reduced.
        Xia spinning off color “winter” is the secret of the development of new products. executive vice president of the company, said: “Ha-off green color fiber production process in the production of non-additive and fuel accumulation, non-color, fully in line with international market requirements for environmental protection, thus saving them an average of 10 upstream and downstream firms % ~ 15% of the cost of the coloring. ”
       It is worth mentioning is that the Xia-off color melt spinning technique is to add direct spinning line with international leading level high and new technology and integrated innovation of technology, the entire process in the complete closure of the system to be completed within the production process in order to achieve zero emissions.
        In the textile machinery industry, Jingwei Textile Machinery is a recognized industry pioneer in technological innovation, and build technology center, is the deepening of reform and innovation system and mechanism of successful experience.
        Jingwei Textile Machinery Branch Yuci Zhang Xinmin, deputy general manager told reporters that the company’s technology center of innovation-based new product development capabilities of the project management system, by continuously improving the software and hardware facilities, the Center has already assembled a group of experienced a wealth of scientific and technological leaders.
        Zhang Xinmin, frankly, in 2009 the company will take the initiative, will be difficult to promote the structural adjustment into favorable opportunities to do the work are as follows: First, the formation of a group of independent intellectual property products, focusing on core technology products to carry out special studies; Second, to strengthen the development of qualified personnel, and strive to use three to five years time for the scientific and technical personnel more than 30%; The third is to strengthen the product development, trial platform to shorten the development cycle of new products and markets mature and well organized scientific research institutions and development agencies role.

             Press Notes: to speed up scientific and technological innovation in order to make greater achievements

        After more than 20 years of the golden age of rapid growth, China has suddenly become the world’s largest textile producer, consumer and exporter. In the economic globalization, China’s textile industry is gratifying, but the objective laws of economic development tells us that such rapid growth is not sustainable in the long term.
        Entered in 2008, the RMB appreciation, raw material prices and rising labor costs and other factors on the adverse effects of the textile industry has not completely subsided, the global financial tsunami and the ensuing. In the current chain of global textile industry to re-shuffle of the turbulent period of China’s textile industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading has been an irreversible trend, and the world of China’s textile industry and even the blueprint for the future development will focus on new materials, eco-textiles and textile information technology started to shop.
        2008, won the China Textile Industry Association Award for contributions to product development businesses, its new product output value in the proportion of total industrial output value reached 47.85 percent on average, new products, the average profit margin over 35%. Common of these enterprises is: in the development and application of fiber materials, high-quality, functional, eco-type of high value-added product development, upstream and downstream industry chain integration platform for innovation and public services building, was especially outstanding.
        The vortex of the turmoil for the textile business, a strong proponent of scientific and technological innovation, not only will allow more enterprises in the financial winter see hope, increase confidence and overcome the cold courage, and the Chinese textile and garment industry will be sustainable have a profound impact on development.
        Obviously, how polymer science and technology resources industry, boost industry to achieve sustainable development has become an imperative. China Textile Engineering Society, as executive vice chairman of the Code, Bi said, not the Chinese textile and apparel technology, constant innovation, there would be no China textile and apparel industry today is brilliant; and will continue to accelerate scientific and technological innovation to create the next 30 years of glory.

                  18 textile innovation pilot enterprises enjoy the “privilege”

       For an in-depth guide to implement technological innovation projects, in 2008 China Textile Industry Association carried out the whole industry in the technological innovation of enterprises identify and pilot work.
       It is understood that Textile Co., Ltd. Shandong, Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd., Zibo Lan Yan Group Co., Ltd. and other 18 enterprises were identified as the first demonstration of textile enterprises in technological innovation.
       It was this that the textile industry will enjoy a number of “privileges”, including the application