Fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Fair held in June

Recently, the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition and Trade Fair held a pre-show and news conference, fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition will be held June 12 ~ 15 at Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand .


Textile enterprises in order to help better cope with the international financial crisis, as soon as possible out of the predicament, the session of the exhibition has launched Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan, Heilongjiang Province, 16 director of textile sector or industry associations take part in the Show and Trade Fair, to increase the policy content analysis and business consulting for exhibitors guidance and direction of trade routes.


According to the briefing, the current exhibition exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, have come from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Austria, Denmark, the United States, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, Iran, China and other countries, as well as Chinese Hong Kong and China Taiwan region Exhibitors Registration Exhibitors will come from the global audience of more than 100,000 professional visitors.


The exhibition in strict accordance with the professional classification divided area, the establishment of the Ministry of chemical fiber spinning equipment, weaving equipment, equipment parts, knitting equipment, printing and dyeing equipment 5 major categories of nine professional exhibition hall. Show site also has a guide at the scene area, to provide the audience with professional service-oriented. Will also be held during the exhibition at the 2009 Summit Forum on China’s textile industry around the “crisis, business opportunities, an opportunity to” start a dialogue, such as subject, to explore how the Chinese textile enterprises should adjust to take advantage of this opportunity to further expand the field of textile machinery equipment, and promote industry.

As the year 2009 the world’s largest textile machinery exhibition, in the face of the international financial crisis, this show will produce a good answer.