Furun Holdings Zhao Zhong-Lin: the textile industry are related to one hundred million dollars of the people’s livelihood in life industry

National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Furun party secretary Holdings Ltd., Chairman of the Board, Zhao Medium think, our country’s textile industry is the biggest all over the world, creating jobs in this industry has more than 2500 million people, directly related to the livelihood of one billion people . However, the textile industry has been less than great importance. At the financial crisis background, the CPC Central Committee and State Council, Bao growth, security of people’s livelihood, then the state should re-position its textile industry, using the people’s livelihood in terms of positioning. The first thing is to people’s livelihood security of employment, if the textile industry one after another go, and how to do that job?


Zhao said the National Development and Reform Commission in the new year to develop investment directory when targeted to the textile industry for the livelihood of the industry, now adjust the revitalization of the textile industry of the State Council, the planning has identified the textile industry are the traditional pillars of national industry and an important livelihood industries .


In addition, at the meeting, Zhao Lin also mentioned a suggestion that the requirements of the textile export tax rebate rate adjustment step in place, the State Council in 2008 the export tax rebate rate on textile products to mention a total of four times, each mention of a percentage point, which would on the following management brought a lot of inconvenience. He sees a need to improve from 15% to 17% all of a sudden, one-step, stability is expected.

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