GA06-type armored vehicles equipped with explosion-proof blanket

GA06-type armored vehicles and equipment known as “China’s top anti-riot vehicles,” the value of 170 million yuan, the first time the central and western show. This car has been equipped in 2008 as the Bird’s Nest during the Beijing Olympics and then U.S. President George W. Bush accompanied by the implementation of security tasks, the current performance of the peacekeeping mission in Haiti.


It has a magic carpet, as long as 1 meter stamp from the explosives are not afraid of injuring


By fences and high-strength fabric made from the composition of dark blue carpet, fence looks like a hollow tire diameter of 50 centimeters, 45 centimeters high. Looks very ordinary, but powerful, it is the latest development of China’s high-tech explosion-proof equipment.


Found in a public place if a suspicious object exploded, the explosion of suspicious objects can be first into a fence, and then covered with special blankets, even if the explosion will not harm the officers from the 1-meter. Researchers have been devoted to the experiment: the fence will be put inside two hand grenades exploded two grenades exploded out of the 600 debris were blocking the absorption of the fence and blankets.


This explosion-proof blankets explosives could have been avoided or mitigated the harm to surrounding persons, on the precious instruments, artifacts and special files of the damage in public places, the main explosive used for the temporary separation, temporary storage and disposal of explosives, apply to shopping malls, railway stations , ports, airports, stadium, customs, and other places.