Gansu Agricultural Development Bank to support the enterprises to buy cotton Tam 420,000

In the face of this year’s grain and cotton purchase in emerging market ups and downs, waiting for the wait-and-see enterprises, farmers seriously thinking of the new Hard Trading in a Dream, Gansu Branch of the serious implementation of the national macro-control policies and the purchase and sale of grain and cotton policy, a series of measures to do a good job of the grain and cotton purchase The Institute for Supply Management’s funds to ensure the province’s grain and cotton for a smooth takeover. As of early October, the bank issued a total of 4,979,000,000 yuan loan to buy grain and cotton, of which: issuance of 3,377,000,000 yuan loans to buy food, support enterprises to buy food 1,744,000,000 kg, respectively, year-on-year increase of 171,000,000 yuan, 030,000,000 kg; payment of cotton loan 859,000,000 yuan to support the purchase of cotton Tam 420,000, respectively, year-on-year reduction of 467,000,000 yuan, Tam 204,000; payment of food reserves 743,000,000 yuan of loans, of which the city supports the establishment of county-level grain reserves 215,000,000 kg. Support for the food acquisition of the number of the province accounted for 60% of the volume of goods more than the number of cotton to support the purchase accounting for over 14% of the total output.

For preferential lending policies. After a positive recommendation ask for the head office of Gansu Province, potato and barley beer included in this year’s grain purchasing loans to support the scope of the characteristics of these two advantages for the agricultural industry to provide a liberal credit policy environment.

Ready to buy ahead of time to do a good job. According to the food business after the restructuring and the acquisition of the main changes in the cotton business, from the second quarter began to carry out the grain and cotton purchase loan qualification work. Have confirmed the province’s total grain purchasing loans eligible for 593 enterprises, loans to qualified enterprises to buy cotton, 26, to ensure that every county and every cotton-producing regions have acquired a certain number of enterprises. On this basis, the advance credit, loans ahead of schedule for the review of the investigation, according to the progress of the acquisition, grasp the rhythm of running, so that “money, such as grain,” “money, such as cotton.”
Policies to increase publicity. The trip through the news media, put up a notice, door-to-door advocacy and other forms of acquisitions to increase the lending policies of propaganda, particularly on loans made to acquire the qualifications of the grain and cotton enterprises, both in the local media on notice, so that the lending policies of the acquisition And the well-known companies, known.

Rational to guide enterprises to buy. Strengthen the bank’s analysis of market information and research in a timely manner to provide guidance to the price, and promote a rational operating business. In particular, cotton, cotton continue to buy loans and loans to support the price policy of the warning level, not only to guard against the risk of operating and maintaining the reasonable price of the basic and stability.

Conscientiously do a good job in financial services. The bank loans money to buy grain and cotton to the needs of full-scale credit arrangements to ensure the supply of funds in a timely manner. With the People’s Bank, the lending business communication, holidays and weekends to ensure that the supply of cash. Shou Liang actively guide the sale of cotton brokers and farmers peonies use Jinshan card and other non-cash settlement of the way, to alleviate pressure on the supply of cash. Encourage enterprises to actively promote e-match, on-line supermarket sales, and so open and transparent manner to ensure that the sale Shouliang cotton farmers in a variety of ways to get sales in a timely manner.