Government of Uganda to control the price situation?

Prime Minister of Uganda announced that the world cotton prices, the government will soon announce a new price of cotton. Thursday, Ugandan Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi said that the finance minister and agriculture minister met the president and government to finalize how to control the price situation.

Wednesday, the leader of the opposition Ogenga Latigo to inform the House of Representatives if the government does not intervene in the market as soon as possible, the development of the farmers sell their brothers and profitable cotton prices, Pader district threatened to burn their cotton farmers planted cotton.

Prime Minister asked the Government to work out this year, the minimum price of cotton to ensure that the income of farmers. At present, the middlemen who offer to the farmers is 350 Uganda shillings, but to ensure that the price of 800 shillings. The Ministry of Agriculture asked Congress to delay approval of the Government’s 150 shillings per kilo of support for the intervention price in order to save the farmers. Government come up with 13,500,000,000 shillings, to buy 170,000 packets of cotton in 2008/09.