Gradient of the textile industry is an irreversible trend

A large textile production capacity to digest what? Do not export can not! The rapid arrival of the high cost of the times on how to deal with? Not to mention the quality will not do! Economic development as a “main engines” of one of the foreign trade, to speed up economic restructuring is an important part of the transformation and upgrading. County Secretary for foreign trade and economic cooperation CHEN Yong-Jian said: “Not only do foreign trade, more to do better and achieve high value-added exports, to ensure that the rapid growth of foreign trade.”

Enhance the market competitiveness of the key is to strengthen the energy per unit area of the market. To achieve high-end export products, export markets, globalization, foreign trade of the main goals of diversity, should be the basis of high-end, low-level products that can not be of high returns, we can only consume a large amount of resources and the environment in which capacity for Foreign workers.

It should be said that Woxian in the textile industry, there is no lack of transformation and upgrading of the leader. Sandy Holding Group Co., Ltd. has completed the chemical fiber products, cashmere products to improve, even in the field of chemical fiber fabrics, a large number of functional fabrics are also on the development of foreign-produced a great temptation. Bao cotton, linen and textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. is familiar with the “scarcity”, the determination to abandon the original dyeing cotton, linen, cotton to market the rare real wax printed cloth, the product is very popular in the West African market this year, 1 -7 On the realization of export nearly 30,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 171 percent.

By labor costs, the gradient of the transfer of the textile industry is an irreversible trend. For someone who used to Shaoxing’s textile entrepreneurs, based on the original industry restructuring is the most convenient path. And non-woven polyester film of the same chemical fiber and the former Road, Road after the process of change, on the realization of the development of the dislocation, and export benefits far better than the original product. Weaving has been known to the new transit Holdings Limited, is feeling the production of chemical fiber fabrics competition decisively to non-woven industry, there are three production lines into operation this year is expected to yield up to 20,000 tons, has developed into the country Spunlace the largest non-woven production base. At the same time, the company plans to invest in the fourth line, and there are plans to reduce the original weaving and garment production capacity. As a chemical fiber enterprises thanks to the rich group to make a fresh start, the use of high-tech, high-difficulty of “drawing a direct melt film” technology, investment in the production of polyester film, effectively the chemical fiber industry to avoid excessive competition. ZHANG Fu-chairman Zhao said: “The use of the industrial restructuring of the opportunity to use their innovative means to achieve industrial upgrading in order to achieve competitive advantage.” January to July, “European and Asian films,” the realization of 7,510,000 U.S. dollars of exports.

Of a piece of cloth is not much difference between the cost of raw materials, and its value can have a tremendous difference, often high-end products in the creative leader on a step.

What is homogenization, in fact, creativity is not enough, the lack of technical support. Woxian a textile industry operators on the same equipment, the advanced nature of the Yulon Group and management are very much appreciated, in his view, “Yulon” Woxian textile industry is the number one brand, currently no one comparable. Yulon Group, “Art Home”, has a strong product design teams, independent innovation has not only achieved a steady growth of exports, at the same time get a huge profit. In the Canton Fair reporter on the scene had seen foreign “Yulon” show the thick-fabric “distributed” out of the arts, attracted, it can not be separated from the longer. Such enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce is no wonder that the Canton Fair will be 8 stalls brand targeted to the enterprise.