Gradually lead the Chinese household carpet carpet industry

From early last century, with the mechanism of carpet technology, especially in the past ten years the introduction of electronic technology, making the scope of the carpet at all over the world are being widely used.


According to European and American carpets Association statistics, European and American Fiber Materials consumption Shop to Shop and Materials total consumption of about 70%, and other hard flooring materials such as ceramics, wood, plastic and composite materials, the total consumption of 30%. With the increasing living standards improve, more and more families have begun to use the carpet in the United States, accounting for 74.1 percent of domestic carpets, commercial carpets accounted for 21.9%, 4% for the other carriers, the proportion of household carpet also the increasing trend in , and in this trend is bound to lead to the demand for carpets, a growing number of home began to carpet the scope to include Home, the world trend of the growing demand for household carpet.


Observers note that the carpet market in North America next year is still 2% ~ 3% of the rate of growth, but growth in Asia will reach double digits. Clearly, Asia is a potential for development in emerging markets carpet. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo in 2010 and other projects on China’s economy driven, major cities in ever-increasing variety of government building of public infrastructure projects, coupled with substantial new business center and hotel, no doubt have played a huge high-grade carpet facilitating role.


Have found substantial felling of timber in Africa, these timber are transported to the Chinese, which means the destruction of tropical rain forests in Africa in part because in China. 2006 Chinese imports of logs 3215 cubic meters, an increase of 9.5%. Sawnwood imports 6.07 million cubic meters, an increase of 1.6%. Most of these were used in the manufacture of wood flooring. And methanol over the floor because of questions, the floor has been very difficult to meet the social environment and the modern concept of green consumerism consumer demand. Paving Materials carpet in all the unique features of environmental protection and development of new technologies, so that the carpet shop to become the new darling of the Materials.


However, the domestic consumer market focused mainly on the carpet at the hotel, restaurant and office space, while the domestic market, the proportion of consumption less than the total carpet consumption by 10%.


This is because the carpet a few years ago, a price war, some carpet companies with high-grade production equipment processing low-grade products, with low-cost competition for market share, so that consumers buy low-cost low-quality carpets, in the actual use of the process of emergence of various types of quality problems, such as: wool carpet linting, it is difficult to clean up, moth-eaten, moldy … and so on, even though the carpet is now a mature technology, the concept of domestic carpet manufacturers have changed, but consumers still have doubts or do not trust.


With the improvement of standard of living, cultural and aesthetic upgrading of amenities, high-grade carpet will have high-grade villas population gradually into the home. According to an authoritative department conclusion of the study, the next 5 years, China’s annual increase of 1.033 billion square meters of residential area, decoration area (including the second decoration) to 1.599 billion square meters.


On this basis, the carpet as an important paving material, are China’s domestic market will be the carpet industry a new economic growth point, the carpet manufacturer will also focus on domestic market, around the home market to develop new products.