Greek cotton market silent

Greek cotton market in the near future without fundamental dynamic. Stock market / commodity market crash, people worried about the economic recession of the constraints of the new deal. Cotton processors in the wait-and-see, look for opportunities to cotton bottom before deciding on their marketing strategy.

On the other hand, potential buyers wait for the market down, they do not rush into the food, unless an urgent need to use cotton. As a result, Turkey and Egypt spinning plant in Greece to collect market confidence in the search for low-cost, but the market has hardly made any new sales.

Cotton growing area, the weather this week in favor of Shi Hua. Cotton, cotton farmers are Shihua, and down to pick cotton to the cotton processing plant, the price to be determined. The so-called “rain” depends on the color of cotton varieties planted areas in the division between the HVI 41 and 51. Greek cotton varieties (fiber 1 3 / 32”- 1 1 / 8”, the strength of 28 GPT, micronaire value 3.9-4.7 NCL) and other normal quality.