Hand-cut flowers carpet to adopt environment-friendly non-woven fabric non-slip

Hand-cut flowers carpet, exquisite technique, high-quality, 20% and 80% fine wool imports of acrylic anti-environmental non-woven fabric. 2.5 meters long, 2 meters wide, 18 mm high-velvet carpet, 20 mm thick. Elegant fashion design, three-dimensional super-flu, faced opposition from a cashmere blanket-like feel and flexibility prominent personality at home, anti-bacterial, anti-slip, mold, no electricity, environmental protection is absolutely no smell, no harm to the human body. Can be used for the coffee table, TV cabinets, library, recreation areas, such as home region. Hand-cut flowers carpet easy to take care of, no need for professional dry cleaning, can be washed, this is one of the major advantages of goods.