Hand-woven Oriental carpets – the gradual disappearance of the culture

Hand-woven carpets on the oldest written records date back to the Old Testament, “Chapter 31 of Proverbs 22” “herself embroidered woven blankets of … his wife is so talented …”, there are well-known classical Greek poet of love Secretary Kiros An opera also contains the following discipline: “to step in as precious as gold and silver jewelry is a luxury carpet, but this is a great luxury …” shows that the year 500 years ago in ancient Greece love Kiros Secretary of the times , Hand-woven carpets are expensive luxury. Coincidentally, Secretary Kiros love poet described the current era and the world’s first hand-woven carpets – Bazeleike carpet is the same age.

Over the past three thousand years, Li Shou-woven carpets are used in all sectors of society, from the richest to the most ordinary of the royal family. Only a small part of the early hand-woven carpets have been used for trade, the majority are using their country of origin, such as rural, farm structures and tents of nomads.

Hand-woven Oriental rugs is a living culture of performance and selection. How many centuries, many aspects of the visual experience is woven through the medium of expression. Hand-woven carpets in various production and people’s life and is closely related to carpets, hand-woven carpets, not only because it is their source of income is more representative of their culture. For many nomadic tribes, hand-woven carpet design is a symbol of their tribe.

In almost all daily necessities are produced in the era of mechanization, hand-woven Oriental rug is one of the few still used for thousands of years has not changed the traditional manual process of one of the arts. Unfortunately, hand-woven carpet weaving arts are slowly disappearing, we are living in the east of hand-woven carpets in the evening period. Western values and the pressure to survive in the 21st Century attracted actors were hand-woven rush to cities to speed up the art and the disappearance of a way of life.