Handmade carpet can be dozens of colors blend together in harmony

The spring of 2009, Yiwu International Trade City sold handmade carpets dressed as a hot hut. Persian handmade carpets, handmade European-style French carpets, handmade Tibetan carpets, handmade carpets of traditional Beijing-style, such as different models of Yiwu handmade carpet production is mostly in a purely manual system to do more to pure wool and silk for materials, handmade carpets can be a few 10 kinds of colors blend harmoniously together, in close after a fine blanket surface design, color, yarn, on the classics, hand-knotted, flat blanket, sheet blankets, blanket wash, cut vote was repaired more than a dozen procedures, such as processed formed.

      Handmade carpet style introduction:

Persian carpet to many of wool woven with silk, the color pattern is heavy, with strong West Asian style, the overall temperament.

Continental French same pure wool carpet with silk weaving, pattern gorgeous romantic, with the effect of Western oil painting, with rich European-style.

Tibetan carpet designs are woven silk, color mainly in beige, plus a small amount of gold, pink, red, design simple, fresh and elegant, minimalist style of revealing the mysterious.

Beijing-style traditional carpet-rich Chinese culture, with strong national colors.

      Buy handmade carpets points:

First, look raw materials. Superior quality wool and silk are a guarantee of quality.

Second, watch the production process. At present, all over the world hand-knitting technology carpet varies. First check the back of the carpet is strong close, the traditional methods such as 8 characters tie clasp, buckle, such as Turkey is to face strong blanket closer, the best guarantee of long-lasting; watch whether taken in spinning, dyeing, tie a knot, flat, tablets, washing, investment, the entire processes, so out of hand-woven carpet thick solid-like three-dimensional images with a sense of relief.

Three, look carpet treatment to detail. Carpet weaving in general and only a maximum of 10 kinds of colors, and the same pattern does not appear in the gradient colors, appear to be more blunt. However, hand-woven carpet, even a peach can also be used in a dozen colors, and even dozens of color polish, which are machine-woven carpets are unable to reach anyway, this is also the artistic value of handmade carpets is located.

Fourth, look color style.

Friday, look after-sales service. High-value professional handmade carpets have required maintenance.