Hangzhou Xiaoshan will hold “2009 China’s Chemical Fiber Forum

It is learned that success in continuous fiber 7th Forum, China Chemical Fiber Information Network will be March 11 ~ 13 day hold at Hangzhou Xiaoshan “in 2009 in Hangzhou, China Chemical Fiber Forum”, inviting industry leaders, experts, senior chemical analyst to explore industry currently facing a complex situation and industry operations, business investment, such as a hot issue.


By the international financial turmoil, China’s chemical fiber industry in 2008 has encountered unprecedented difficulties. Especially since September last year, chemical fiber, textile industry is very optimistic about the overall operation. Although the four-quarter start since last year, the state unveiled a number of programs to expand domestic demand, and introduced some time ago to revitalize the textile industry to adjust, so that the industry must decline in the trend of mitigation, but the overall situation remains grave.


To this end, this meeting will be widely invited industry leaders, both at home and abroad well-known on the downstream chemical fiber enterprises, traders, technology providers, renewable PET Recycling companies, chemical manufacturers, such as renewable sources of participants, the participants will be expected at around 400 people.


At the same time, renewable sources of chemical fiber industry in recent years because of the rapid development of the original polyester industry growing influence, both inter-industry linkage and continue to increase. Therefore, this fiber macro forum will feature in the past with the industry on basic topics, in particular, a special workshop to set up renewable fiber, so as to both inter-industry set up to facilitate mutual understanding and promoting bridge.