Hebei Julu some 200 enterprises in the acquisition of cotton increased

Recently, as the Spring Festival is approaching, in Hebei Province local cotton market active, and some 200 cotton enterprises to acquire a significant increase, acquired about a dozen million jin.

January 5, Hebei Julu price of seed cotton in the 2.20-2.30 yuan / kg between the (lint percentage rate of 36-38%), according to China Netcom hearing cotton Rapporteur learned that the recent active trading of cotton main reasons: First, Spring Festival is approaching, the farmers for the purchase of New Year rush to cash, plus the farmers of seed cotton prices has been lack of hope, it has weakened psychological Hard Trading in a Dream; second is psychological bullish cotton enterprises have emerged, as the country increases efforts, high grade cotton stock has been very little, but the current low cotton prices are expected to have reached the bottom of the year, so even though the demand for less lint, cotton prices are still heavy acquisition of high-grade cotton, pending sales opportunity.

In addition, the local textile enterprises basically stagnant sales, the majority of money-spinning enterprises chain tension and even rupture of the decline in demand for lint, are to cut inventories of raw materials. The current market price of cotton is also more confusion, enterprises before the Spring Festival in order to cope with the expenses and return of funds as soon as possible, are struggling to promotions, but still no improvement in sales was mainly due to the lower reaches of enterprises have already closed down, suspended or early vacation, the reduced demand.